Sensory Play

Hi all,

I am a product design student looking to help design a sensory play toy/aid/therapy for young children with hyposensitive autism. The idea of the product is to engage and mentally stimulate the child while promoting social interaction with a low-stress and relaxing approach. The design will create an essence of control for the user and be tailored to incorporate visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. I understand that there are autism aids available online but with further research I gathered that little to none of these products are specifically designed for children who have hyposensitive autism within this demographic.

If any one has any ideas, speculations or just observed behaviors of a child who would use this product please say. 

I have also created a very small questionnaire and would really appreciate if any of you could spare the time to fill it out. I have chosen this design project because I want to help development and improve playtime for these children.

Thank you so much.