Repetitive Behaviors

For the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that my 9 year old son has been chewing on things a lot. He also has been licking things as well as feeling the need to tap things twice. There has been a significant increasing in the tapping. I called his Neurologist's office and the nurse practitioner suggested that he may need Behavioral therapy rather than Occupational therapy. Any insight on this would greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

  • When my son started biting his shirts, it was anxiety. Please don't make the same mistake I did. We were struggling so I was all over him to stop ruining clothes. It never occurred to me that there wasnt anything else to bite than his hands.. I'd have let him ruin a million shirts than deal with the 3 years of therapy and my clenched stomach when I saw that he'd turned his attention to the backs of his hands.. Good luck
  • Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it. I was starting to lose hope since I don't see much activity on this site. Very strange.
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