constent fear of trouble

i have a phobia of trouble getting into trouble becoss i got harsh harsh punnishments in school so i'm afarayd of the law and doing sompthing that i diden't intend on doing that cood get me into trouble
  • Probably,those nuns were to mean?My parents pulled my brother out of catholic school,Don`t know if you went to catholic school,but,back in the old days,they were strict and mean,so,I would not be surprized,about how many kids grew up with these fears.Teachers could use the paddle on you and slap you with a ruler.Now a days,it`s called child abuse.
  • i went to catecism for awhile,and they did not seem very nice to me.
  • i was more afraid of getting in trouble at home.We got the strap and vaccum cleaner cord,belt,or whatever was handy.
  • My mother had uncontrolled rages and also punished us a lot. psychologically and emotionally...I don't think she could help it since she had the same treatment when she was a child... I'ts difficult to overcome that sort of childhood influence when your an adult though. I never punished my son and hate the concept of punishment; but I did interact one on one with him and mirrored his action so he'd understand the natural outcome of any of his behaviors. That meant I never had to get really angry or punishing with him or go into hurting him to teach him.
  • I think,stuff just keeps getting passed down from generation after generation. The pain from your childhood,you always carry it with you,and you never know,when it`s going to come to the surface.
  • I think you spend the first 7 years of your life growing your brain around your experiences and then you spend the rest of you life doing different versions of those experiences over and over again.
  • Isaac....I can't imagine how frightening it must have been for you to have a lot of physical punishment as a child ...I think you must have felt far more vulnerable than a sighted child... no wonder you are finding that influence difficult to overcome