ABA Therapy

Has anybody used ABA therapy for kids with Aspergers? How did it work?
  • I'm a behavior analyst and have worked with Aspie children. ABA-based programs are commonly used with all types of autistic children, including ones labeled with Asperger's. It is effective with Aspie children and this is well-documented by research.
  • My twins are in ABA and they have had AMAZING outcomes. They are both autistic not aspies. ABA can work on any kid on the spectrum with spectacular results! It has beginner intermediate and advanced curriculums that are designed for a broad range of skill sets. It has a 90% success rate of improving skills and a 50% chance to recover kids completely. Without BCBA's my kids would be locked into their world without any ability for self care and self direction. Go with Dave's advice he knows his profession. Not all therapists are made equal though you will have to find a good one to meet the needs of your child.
  • I think my husband has undiagnosed Aspergers and the ABA I have been taught to use on my kids has worked to improve my relationship with him. I would get it if you can! It will make a huge difference to your child!
  • Quoting Christine on the effectiveness of ABA:
    "a 50% chance to recover kids completely."

    Upon hearing uttered an utterly fantastical statement such as this, one is reminded of the old adage, "Truth far stranger than any fiction."
  • ......backed up by personal experience
  • Actually, Christine's 50% statistic is not fantastical. This number comes from the famous research study by Ivar Lovaas that sparked the ABA-autism industry. In Lovaas's study he states that 47% of the autistic children that received an ABA program for 2 to 3 years were then indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers. You may view the actual research publication here: www.sceap.com/.../Lovaas.pdf

    Lovaas's study has been replicated numerous times and the results have been confirmed. The replication studies can be found among these Google search results: scholar.google.com/scholar
  • Yes but Christine thinks cranial adjustments is voodoo and Dave hasn't cured his own autistic behavior even when he has a chance to stop and think before he responds...so?
  • Christine and I could be born from the tentacles of an octopus made of cheese and it still wouldn't change the fact that multiple research studies indicate a 50% rate of the autistic children that received an ABA program for 2 to 3 years were then indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers.

    In addition, I think it is quite reasonable to be skeptical of chiropractics.

    Lastly, Jahki please do not personally attack people. It is a violation of ASN guidelines. If you continue to attack people, I will notify the moderator.
  • I didn't see any attacking - just threatening and it wasn't Jacky doing it
  • I suggest to all invovled that the next comment in this thread and all comments thereafter be about ABA, which is the topic of this thread.
  • so no more octopus and cheese tales ?
  • That comment was about ABA, so it is within the realm of plausibility that it will surface again.
  • Aaaah. So if I say something dum and attach ABA onto the end of the sentence then that's OK. Good plan. I'll remember that

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  • Whatever you like, Heather. Let's get back to ABA. Thanks.
  • Well anyway...and seriously - yes I can be serious. I quite admire Christine for her energy and determination and am pleased for her that she has found a treatment that works so well for her twins. I acknowledge that she has had an uphill battle in obtaining this help and commend her for her success. Good on you Christine.
    Personally tho - I would like to use something with less than a 50 percent fail rate tho. and would look quite deeply into a thing and see how and whether it suited my child before embracing it.
    For better or worse nothing like this is on offer for my children and if it is it's a secret.
    It seems that many services here are very hush hush so that the government can eventually say,` we provided the service but it wasn't used so we had to close it down because there didn't seem to be a real need for it'.
    Possibly I may inadvertantly be using certain aspects of ABA already.
    There is a lot of art and creativity going on. Children train their pets without quite realising that in turn the pets are training them in responsibility and emotional bonding.
    We go through a variety of behaviours everyday and deal with each as they occur.
    I teach them and they teach me. We work through many things and if one approach doesn't work we try another.
    It costs - well I won't say nothing - it's hard yakka but in the end - very rewarding