How many therapies are you in?

Right know I feel like I'm in therapy overload. I have 2 kids on the spectrum.
My daughter has PT only for know but we are about to add tutoring sessions and girls social group. My son has PT, DIR floortime, Speech, and Social Playgroup. Every day of my week is booked solid with the exception of Sat, sun and monday and I use those days for my appointments.
  • I have been in the same shoes before. It's very stressful. I am a person who needs a lot of down time too so it was really hard not to feel impatient and irritable. I was constantly evaluating the value of each scheduled therapy (and therapist), the method etc. So if it were not productive or effective I could avoid wasting time with it and move on to somethign or someone that did help. I took as many breaks as I could. I got a babysitter once a week for 5 hours during the day just so I could have some quiet time or alone time or get my own appointments. That was a life saver.

    Right now, since my kids are in school full time, I wish I could get back to those more productive therapy years. Alex, the kindergartener has a great program at school where they do ABA half day with him (though not as intensive as at home) so we let him take a break from it at home the first half of the year. Home ABA will begin again soon. Plus, although he is only in K we noticed he tends to memorize the look of a word and reads by memorization only, rather than sounding out, so we got him into tutoring which he does twice a week as well. I'm so glad we did. He is finally starting to attempt to read novel words by sounding them out.

    If you can find a college student who can come regularly that may give you some consistent down time. You are doing great things for your kids fullerfam04. Try to always keep in mind that you can't get back these early years of development. It helps you endure and feel good about all the great things you are doing right now!

    Hope this helps,
  • Fullerfam04 -
    I do remember the days, before my kids were in school full time, when we had home therapy what seemed like all the time. Even though is was hard, all the work that we did when they were young was well worth it. My older son, who has many more needs than my younger, receives a lot of services in school (OT, speech, social skills, academic support), but he still has therapy out of school - counseling, doctors appointments, tutoring, and it goes on and on. However, it was really those younger years that made the most difference. Hang in there.
  • thank you for making me feel not crazy. sometimes its hard and tivah I understand totaly what you mean we often take "breaks" from the therapies every other month or so just to give me a break..
  • right now my son 9 , is in ot and speech , when he was younger we had physical therapy and a feeding clinic also , we had 4 days a week appt's a half hour drive one way , and it was worth it , it felt like alot , but necessary.
  • Hi I'm new here and was wondering, My son has pre-k 4 x's a wk n he goes to speech, ot and behavioral therapy.Is there anything else we should be doing? We are constantly running every day except Sunday which is fine but at some point I'm gonna have to return to the working world and my husband has problems of his own he has personality disorder nos which makes it very hard to deal with others. I don't know what I'm going to do not only do we have a son with asd but we have an 8 month daughter who seems fine but it's alot to handle.
  • We got the firm diagnosis of ASD yesterday morning. My son is currently enrolled in Early Intervention, we see a developmental specialist once per week, if she has any cancellations or some extra time she will come twice, we also see speech, OT and are enrolled in a parent child group at the EI center all are once per week. However with the diagnosis we are currently trying to set up time with an ABA therapist.. They will add another 15 hours per week to our schedule and will work around our current EI schedule. I feel like our entire life is consumed right now we have something every day and soon will be 3 more hours per day of ABA added to this.
  • My 2 year old, diagnosed pdd-nos has recently started ABA. So, we also have OT 2x's a week, PT 2x's a week, Speech 2x's a week and ABA 4 x's (soon to be 5) a week. I have taken "mental health days" to help get us through it. It gets overwhelming, and I am kinda worried about what will happen once school starts, and I need to help my other daughter with her school work. I am spread so thin...

    One day at a time... breathe =D
  • I feel like we are in too many too. I know they can help, but sometimes they overload and with so many cooks in the kitchen they change directions and then -I- look like the crazy mom!

    We are awaiting a firm diagnosis of Aspergers. So far we are Mood Disorder, PDD, Sensory Integration, (Bipolar, ODD, ADHD to be ruled out)
  • My son currently has:
    1 hr one-on-one modified Floortime 2x/week
    30 mins Speech 2x/week
    30 mins Occ Therapy 2x/week (back to back with Speech)
    1 hr one-on-one Early Intervention 2x/week
    30 mins Therapeutic Listening (new protocol) 5x/week

    My daughter also has T.L., 3x/week, in addition to her usual routine of Pre-K Mon-Fri and karate class 2x/week

    I do a lot of wrap-around work too, continuing the therapy techniques on my own here at home; and now that we have our own set of headphones for use here at home, we are about to be adding 5-7 more T.L. sessions to my son's weekly routine, and 3 more to my daughter's. Seriously, I feel like I have no life, LOL! ;-)

    But we have seen so much progress (really, it's been incredible) with my son that it is all totally worth it. And for those times when it gets really hard to keep an eye on the big picture: Sundays are mine! That is the one day every week when the kids get a break from therapy, and so do I! ;-)
  • My kids are mild but even when needed and they had been diagnosed there has been no help except for a few speech therapy sessions for Deborah. She still needs them but they dont fund them after the child turns 8 even tho she hadnt started long before that. We see the paediiatrician who asks us each time,"What can I do for you", but it would be nice if she`d tell us what was available. Not much I don`t think anyway. I would find it difficult getting them places as I dont drive. Still tho i`d like some help we don`t do too badly. I try and work out what is needed and do my best to provide it tho with four young ones on the spectrum it`s generally the most in need at the time (or the loudest) that gets the attention and the rest hang in there
  • I can completely relate to the therapy overload thing I hate it I am soooo sick of it and it has completely monopolized all of our lives. But I know it's important and necessary and when he turns three in April it will be over anyway and all his therapy will be received when he's in school. I also know we're lucky there's a lot of people with children in need where I live who aren't getting any help at all. As far as how many therapies we're in he gets ABA in our home 5 days a week. Once a week he goes to a movement group for kids with eating issues and also once a week he gets music therapy.
  • I understand and totally relate to feeling on appointment overload. Not only is my son on the spectrum, but I am bipolar. Although I haven't had as many appointments this last year (another very long story) at one time it was 3 or 4 appointments a week with the both of us. Thank heavens for a healthy husband and good health insurance. We even moved to a state with good Native American health services to reduce our medical, mental health and prescription costs. I am Aleut and my son is Yupik Eskimo, both Alaskan Native Americans. We may have reduced the number of appointments over this last year, but I think we have spent the same amount of know how governmental agencies run...slow. Blessings, Win
  • what all therapies are there for autisum my aughter was just diagnosed with it on feb 1st 2011 i have had her in speech , occupational , physcal therapys for a while now but i wanted to know what lse is there ???? and if there is any other place in athens tn that i can get speech ot and pt from besides there ??? i dont feel like they r oing what needs to be done they tell me she is fine she is just a normal 2 year old but they hav only go he to say 3 words in 6 months what should i do ????

    please help very confused
  • I can't speak to the moms of younger children or the ones with speech impairments, as my son is fairly high functioning Aspergers'. But he goes to counseling (cognitive behavioral therapy), social skills group, and therapeutic riding weekly, and just started OT again, which will be weekly as available. I really think that for him the social skills was the most important to get into, since he was functioning and verbal but just wasn't getting along with anyone. In fact, I'm about to take a break from the counseling, since it is the least "autism-specific" thing we're doing and I can work with him myself on emotional issues (through a LOT of reading, such as Parenting Your Asperger Child, the Incredible 5-Point Scale, Asperger's: What Does it Mean to Me, among others).

    I also have 2 older special needs daughters who weren't diagnosed until older, and I feel I am short changing them but they're over 18 and I really feel I need to be sure my son navigate middle and high school successfully, since we're legally responsible for him should he go down the wrong path.

    Deep breaths. An occasional glass of wine. Lots of phone time with my sister. Hershey's Bliss dark chocolate. And on line support groups. :)