Partneship to save Autistic Children

We are a member of the Global Autism Collaboration Council and Autism Support Network. We have been looking for support for over 400 children Autistic children under our program. We will want to partner with you to raised fund for our Autism leaning center in Ghana West Africa. visit our website

We are looking for donation to enable us complete a leaning center for autistic child in the Ghana. the flowing link will take you to our donation page. please send the link to friends in the field to support this children, they need our help.
The Rural Integrated Relief Service-Ghana aims to be an autism specific school that offers education based on the needs and special abilities of the individual learner. This means that every learners' skills are thouroughly assessed by a team of professionals (Occupational Therapist, Educational Pshychologist, Speech Tharapist and Educators) together with the learners' parents in order to determine every learner's specific educational goals. This will provide the children with the opportunity to learn and grow within a social environment along with their peers – an environment that respects every child's uniqueness and promotes learning and development. We are therefore committed to providing specialised education and facilities for our learners, as well as the continual professional training of staff to render the best service possible.

The Autism Computer Learning Centre in Ghana, when completed will be the first national Centre linking with the digital learning programme. The software treatment program will be license. The project will be design for parents and professionals and offers a comprehensive curriculum, individualized assessment tools, staff and parent training modules, data tracking/progress reporting and ongoing professional support options.

The child's strengths, weaknesses and developmental stages are entered into the programme that personalizes an intervention strategy for the child. The attending educator will then ensure that the parent fully understands the intervention strategy he/she must follow with their child.
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Thank you
Jennifer Enyan

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