Are parents and carers of autistic children using less medication to suppress their autistic childrens symptoms now than they were 10 years ago...have they noticed a marked improvement in their childrens responses to life and if so how have they implemented these positive changes?
  • My son doesn't take any medications.
  • My twins remain unmedicated. The local psychologist and neurologist work together in this area to prescribe meds. They start with the meds that are the weakest with the fewer side effects and go up to the stronger ones if necessary.

    I'm a strong proponent of the sensory diet to "medicate" a child. If you keep track of what's calming vs excitatory for your child, you can help them without drugs.
  • That's a good plan! How do you know which exercises are excitatory? Calming exercises are good for bedtime. Everything else has a sedating effect! Should I only do calming ones?