Hi All, Newbie here! Needs Advice.

My son is 3 years old and was diagnosed with Autism back in April. He is currently receiving 20 hours of ABA along with OT & Speech therapy. My son clearly has sensory issues and I was wondering if any of you experienced your child grinding their teeth and chewing on their clothing. My son has been doing this for months and I talked to this OT about it and all she suggested was to give her sugarless gum (which he won't even put near his mouth) and then she claimed she would work on some oral exercises with him, I haven't seen improvement. The grinding and the chewing on the clothing seem to be getting worse. I read about a possible chew toy but I am not sure how effective they are. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I don't think the newbie is getting any help here. amusement maybe, scared away perhaps.
    definitely not helping much. think of the new people folks. they need the help getting started the most. if you cant be kind to each other then think of the newbies.
    you feel the need to beat each other up get your own post ....or beat up on me instead if that makes you feel better. come to think of it, I haven't had a good ass beating in a long time now. im due.
  • Yes I agree with Domsdad is our newbie even still subscribed to this thread?
  • You have to understand this is a support network! And there's no support when members are bickering amongst themselves, it does scare the newbies away, but it also makes them stronger. Everybody is welcome to their own opinions, and new people will eventually learn to grab powerful information with both hands and ignore the rest. Don't be offended by what others think. When I joined this site, I was blasted off this earth, as my son has failure to thrive and he couldn't eat what was recommended. He still has failure to thrive!! So do the best you can for your child and ask loads of questions, there are very helpful people on this site that really want to and can help you!
  • Our newbie created this thread!
  • In answer to Collies question the Lions club members sound like they're scared to take sides. It's probably hard to function in those clubs unless you have a couple of good friends standing up for you. Everyone is paranoid about child abuse these days Collie.
  • Seriously do the people who think the interactions on this thread are 'bickering' live in cotton candy fairy land? and i can't of anything I'd like to do less than beat your ass D'dad or even go near it for that matter...the only uncomfortable post on this thread are the people saying there's bickering...and D'dad as usual you only post when you think there's trouble and want to stir the pot...no wonder this site is such a wasteland if the newbie wasn't gone she will be now.
  • Nice to see you too jahki.
    miss you and your perspective on things.
    say what you think, its your reality.
    me and a team of mules would never change your mind, I get that.
    you say I am a *** stirrer and that may be true but there must be *** there first to stir.
    you cant argue with that logic now can you?

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  • Mmmm....just think you're being a hypocrite pretending you're worried about the welfare of new members when you're really only interested in the '***' and thats your 'perspective on things'. not mine

    I don't know how you expect the site to flourish when the cotton candy cavalry come riding in on their outrage / accusation steads every time there 's the slightest difference of opinion or even some stimulated conversation or humor...other than your sarcastic puns.

    Who would be interested in posting on a site where you can't even give an opinion without the constant accusations of 'bickering' or 'fighting' by people who apart from that never contribute ? I'm only here because I haven't bothered not to be, not because its an in anyway pleasant or interesting site to interact on any more.
  • are you angry with the world , or just me?
    I never even mentioned your name in my original post on this thread. you assumed it was you, I get that.
    the thing is I can only hope that you would have the theory of mind to figure out that you seem to be the constant in all the "bickering" that goes on here.
    sorry, but it is obvious. I dare say it may be one of your traits to be blind to the feelings of others. however, I am not the only one you tend to "bicker" with.
    you seem to think that this site is for your own personal blog. if that is the case then lets try having your own posts and take in mind that others post are theirs.
    having said that this will be the last time I correspond with you on this newbies post.
    perhaps if you want to continue this you can start a post of your own and invite me into the conversation or....you can just rant all you care to about me or whatever or whoever. that way you could enjoy your time here without annoying the hell out of the rest of us.
    these are only suggestions but I think it may be good etiquette for all of us, including me. so I bid you adieu.
  • Thats because I'm the only constant that posts at all except for Colley and Christine...and I don't care whether you were sniping at me or Dave...its the constant sniping that's destroyed the site in spite of your ongoing inference that the 'arguing' has..

    Look what you wrote was 'bickering' on this thread...Dave loves ABA and promotes it above and beyond everything else, perhaps he is promoting his business but I know that he definitely cares about his clients and does the absolute best he can for them. I, on the other hand love autism and will do whatever I can to promote the positive aspects of autism to autistic people and their carers.

    There really is no harm in either of us as far as our desire to make a positive difference to other peoples lives is concerned, wonder if the same can be said about you and your intentions when you write your posts... I don't think so.
  • I don't post much here anymore, as Ethan is not on the spectrum anymore, however he does have very low oxygen saturations in his blood, very slow heart rate, poor circulation, he is also cyanotic, his pupils are dilated most of the time, he is unresponsive, has extreme fatigue! His speech slurs, he has PDD's, compromised immune system, failure to thrive, SPD, CAPD and hypotonia... All pointing to spectrum difficulties! But he's not autistic or an aspie! His signs and symptoms are mind boggling for all around him, we don't have a definitive diagnosis just yet but Christine has helped a lot. She's amazing... Brilliant info and support. Thanks.

    And Jahki, I'm sorry for anything I have said that might have ticked you off!! Ethan is also off the carnitine as his hypotonia has become worse and he is losing loads of weight.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?
  • Carnitine is used as a weight loss product isn't it.?.. So difficult.; Hypotonia seems to be so complex and has so many possible causes but logically it has to come down to different (damaged) brain pattern or information from the brain to the body, so I'd go to gut (diet) and messages from the brain to the body...I have a new client who's 14 years old who has no ability to use his body and has lost all muscle tone and apart from what I can do, which at the moment is gall, liver, pancreas, I've sent him on to acupunture; which is my favorite treatment of any apart from homeopathy. I think the acupunture is making a difference to him but its early days so we're not sure ...you could try acupuncture but you'd have to make sure you get a really experienced, talented healer. Acupunture is good because it works with energy and energy meridians and can treat the organs and muscles ...also have you looked at chinese herbs, once again you have to go for some one who is an experienced committed healer.
  • I'd go for anything that works with Ethan. Jahki I think he has a heart defect. The system Antoinette lives in healthcare wise is delaying his testing. If you think acupuncture can close a hole in someone's heart then use it. It seems as if Ethan's health is slipping through Antoinette's fingers and I am scared for them! I will continue to advise her based on what I know. If you have any input Ethan needs lots of help.
  • Antoinette I'll private message and give you what assistance I can if you like then you can take what you want of it on board. Late for me now but I'll look tomorrow, if you prefer that I don't do that let me know okay :)
  • Thanks Christine, I will do anything to hurry things up, or help him cope.

    Thanks Jahki I'll appreciate that.