Online Coaching for Parents

Hi all,

I have a counseling and coaching practice in Northwestern CT. I'm developing an online group coaching program for parents of kids with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The focus of the group will be on empowering parents and partnering with them to help them achieve their goals for themselves and for their families.

I'm applying for a grant and am seeking input from parents as to what they would find helpful and not so helpful in such a group. I'm looking for 8 parents who would like to participate for free in the pilot group. We'll be meeting through video chat for 90 minutes once a week. Time to be determined.


Lisa Cushman
  • I would be interested but I live in Florida. That probably doesn't matter though. My daughter has aspergers and she has social skill issues. She tends to hit and cross boundaries a lot. She has issues with transitioning and change. She has issues with making and keeping friends.
  • i would be interested, because my son has developed serious behavioral issues, and we are trying behavioral therapy with medication for his anxiety, to control his violence issues.
  • I would also be interested I live in Georgia, and have a 12 year old who is showing more behavioral issues and anxiety violence and find help for him.
  • Hi I am interested to join the group my husband could help also he is stayed home dad so basically he does not have any job.
    currently I am studying and working but of course for my son I will help as much as I can to be involve with this group