Hello my name is Alicia and I am 16. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to talk to me about autism. I do not have Autism, but I am interested in learning about it and talking to some teenagers that have it.
  • Im so glad that u want to know. My name is Kasey, Im 17 and was diagnosed when i was 15. I accept that i have Autism, many do not. I have aspergers which is a form of hi-funtioning autism. The hardest part for me is school. People harrass me daily and i olny have a few friends dew to my lack of comunication. Im in special ed for math. I have an IEP becuase my prossecing speed is slow. It makes me soo happy that you would take the time to learn anout Autism and not sit from afar a judge people. If you have any guestions feel free to ask
  • He Alicia and Kasey, My name is Anne, I am so glad to be able to talk to you both, I am an SNA which here in Ireland is a Special Needs Assistant, I work in a mainstream school (primary) helping children with special needs. I have worked in the past with children with Asperger Syndorme, and am at the moment involved with a child who has Asperger Syndrome. I am always looking for ways to help these children in the best way I can. Having the opportunity Kasey to talk to an adult with Aspergers is very exciting for me, I think you could be a great help to both me and the little boy I work with, as he cannot always explain things to me too well and you may very well understand something I don't. I hope you won't mind if I ask for your help from time to time.
    Alicia, good for you taking an interest! People are people, special needs or not, and have many a lesson to teach us all. I have had many happy funfilled years working with children with special needs and I wouldn't give it up for anything! If I can help you out with anything just ask, though I think Kasey is going to be a mine of information for both of us. Thanks for being out there.
  • Hey Kasey,
    Thank you for replying to my post. I am sorry about people being cruel to you, I wish I could help. I don't think it is right for people to judge other people. I think they should get to know them and try to help them and just be their friend.
    I began wondering about autism a few years ago when I was working in a classroom at my church and there was a two year old boy would had just recently been diagnosed with autism. I was then curious about it because I had really never heard of it before. I want to learn more about Autism so maybe in the future I can volunteer somewhere with autistic children and try to help them.
    But I do have a question, if you could let me know, or anyone else for that fact, about autism what would you tell them?
  • I would say look at the person involved as first a individual and not what many see or assume about when they hear autism/condition that society negatively associates with it.My son is so much more than that and aside of the condition which is part of him it is not all he is.Sure there are some odd quirks but really he is just a little boy who has trouble communicating.Many people on spectrum or not have this struggle.Some from autism,some from insecurity or just being shy but try to approach them with kindness and acceptance.Understand that it may take awhile before you get a response but it is definitely worth the effort.Find a common interest/activity and build a repore with them and the rest will come.My son has taught me many many wonderful things and he is only 6.The others i worked with were even younger.Some of the strongest,honest and most unique little people i have certainly ever met.And by the way thanks for wanting to know about autism before making an assumption just through negative/misunderstood things that are usually associated with it in media.If you keep a open mind and heart then you will learn so much the same way i have.
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