Slowly curling inward

Hey. I need someone to help me with this. I have been diagnosed with ASD for 4 years now and i still don't fully understand it. I get angry easily and can't seem to stay organized. But plz just help before i lose my mind.
  • If you want help understanding a specific part of it (such as the impulse control issues and the executive dysfunction you're referencing) you can always feel free to message me or email me and ask questions. Autism is, ironically enough, a special interest of mine, plus I spend half of my free time involved in the Autistic Rights Movement, so I have a fairly solid grasp on most of the concepts involved in it. I will, however, warn you ahead of time that I am horrible with answering open-ended questions, so the more specific you can be in any questions you have the better I'll be able to answer them. So, if you want to get in contact with me either send me a message here or email me at
  • OKay thank you. I will message you now in fact.
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