Illinois Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) Meeting

So, I've noticed a few people expressing an interest in meeting other Autistics in their area, at least one of whom was located in Illinois and my local ASAN chapter is looking to expand it's numbers a bit, so I thought I'd post the details for our next meeting here in case anyone is interested.

Date: Saturday February 13th (this upcoming Saturday.)

Time: 12:00 - 4:00 (occasionally the group or individual members will get a bite to eat afterwards, so you may want to plan to be out later than 4:00 if you're likely to stay after.)

Location: Harold Washington Library, 401 S. State Street, Chicago Illinois, Small conference room 7n-5 on the seventh floor (you can ask the library staff for help locating the room if you're lost.)

Agenda: This is partly a social group, however given that we have 4 hours to fill we usually try to have an agenda of important topics to discuss, including upcoming events, future meetings, and issues relevant to the Autistic community. For this month's meeting we have some topics to discuss on our schedule, but we're likely to divert to other topics as well, so this isn't set in stone.

1) Discuss preparations for our first disability day of mourning vigil (for those who don't know this is a vigil for disabled individuals, including Autistics, killed by their family members, the vigil itself takes place in March.)

2) Discuss preparations for both Autism Speaks protest and AutismOne protest, both of which will take place in May.

3) Discuss potential social event to recruit new members.

4) Discuss Valentine's day in relation to Autism and sexuality (there will be at least one younger child attending, so the conversation will likely remain PG.)

5) Self care as an Autistic and as an activist (refers more to self care in the terms of psychological well being than physical well being.)

Anyone interested in attending can either just show up or contact me ahead of time to sort out details. You can find ASAN's main website (for the whole organization, not our local chapter) at if you want to verify the existence of our local chapter (they have a page that lists all of the chapters and their leaders; I'm not a chapter leader, so the contact info provided won't send you to me.)
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