Hi, I'ma17 year old girl. For the last few months I've made some connections and think that I may have autism, and some recent things which have happened made me connect the dots. I recently scored a high score on one of those autistic diagnostic tests. As a child I had a very difficult time making friends, and up until I was a teenager I'd had only the same two friends from early childhood. Now I find that I have the ability to make friends, but I'm extremely disinterested in about 99% of people. My only close friend now is my ballet instructor, who I today found out is autistic. We are extremely similar in personality. I think that I might be manic-depressant. I sometimes have extreme anxiety. My mom is unstable and I was emotionally abused heavily throughout my childhood. I've always been extremely intelligent. I taught myself pre-algebra and how to read by the time I was three, play three instruments and have heaps of complicated and obscure hobbies. I've come to realize that the only way I can entertain myself is by fully immersing myself in it, whether that means painting for 6 hours at a time three days straight, then never picking up a paint brush again, or reading movie summary upon movie summary, one right after another, for hours at a time on wikipedia. I'm what most would consider very attractive. This, combined with my strange personality and habits, I guess, has always attracted older men and women to me, sexually and platonicly. I'm too afraid of what people will think if I mention it to anyone or see a doctor, because I'm not sure whether or not I really have it.
  • Sounds like it to me.I am high functioning autistic.
  • Don't be afraid to share. This is a good place to do it. There are a lot of people here who have experienced what you have been/ are going through. Perhaps someone here could reccomend someone to you who you could trust to help you in getting a diagnosis while you are still young as it is much harder to get a diagnosis once you are an adult. I'm sorry that things have not gone well for you in the past but that doesn't mean it always have to be that way. You have some good interests and goals and have already developed some good coping strategies.You are a unique and wonderful person with special talents. You are not alone and I for one am glad that you have come to this site,Bless you.
  • n96,
    if you do a search member here at asn you can locate members based in hawaii and that may help you get connected to some locals who share your same interests and who may be able to point you towards the right places for getting a proper diagnosis.
    until then hang out here , we are happy to have you here
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