Group work

I'm terrified about group works.

When more than one person and I are involved in a conversation, I instantly forget what one said when the other one starts speaking.

And when it comes to discussing about what the work is about and who does what I get confused and people get frustrated. They end up just tell me what to do instead of asking my opinion.

This is a really bad thing, because although my teachers know about my ASD my performance in a group affects my grades.

Does anyone else experience the same? How do you manage in groups? What do you do (or do you have any suggestions) to keep up?
  • This has been a HUGE ongoing issue with myself all of my life especially now as an adult in the workplace when i have had to be responsible for training others.

    When i was in school (high school and college) working in smaller groups and assigning who was responsible for what part of the assignment usually helped so i could manage what i was responsible for within the group and still make a meaningful contribution.See if the teacher/prof is willing to accommodate your challenges by testing you !:! with regards to the assignment to modifying it as part of your overall grade or part of....some may and some may not.

    Making a written list and checking it off as you go may too.Assign who does what within the group usually the people who have the most "take charge/overbearing" personalities find this simple from what i have experienced.Do what you are good at first and work your way down your list leaving what needs more details until last.Make a schedule for yourself of allowing so much time on each section.And as far as my in person conversational/interpersonal skills go they are still a "work in progress and i frequently lose my train of thought and .....!!"! Hope some of this helps you.People who do like me (even at work)kindly overlook some of my challenges because i am a hard challenge can be compensated by one of your strengths......:)