ASD teen with sexual issues

I am a parent of an ASD teen. He is now 15 years old and at the age of 13, was accused and found guilty of "inappropriate contact" with another kid. He was given a year of probation, community service, and weekly counciling. He has been doing really good, up until now, just 2 months away from being done with his probation, I get a call from his school to come get him, he's being suspended for at least 3 days for alleged "inappropriate contact" with a fellow student. My son tells me that the other student is also ASD and approached him and asked my son to do it. My son said he declined and walked away. I have taken away most of his privelage's until all of this is sorted, and since he's still on probation, he is serving more community service for the 3 days that he is suspended. Has anyone else had this issue with their teen ASD son, or experienced this themselves? I could really use the input and help on this one :(
  • Have you taken away his priveledges because you don't believe his version of events?
  • I have only taken away those things until we figure out exactly what happened with the other student. I didn't know much about the other student until earlier this evening, when I spoke to another student's parent, that has had several "run ins" with this student. I am told that the other student that is accusing my son, has a history of making up lies to get people in trouble, when he can't get what he wants or his own way. I'm so confused at this point, I don't know if I should just hide, or go into the school with loaded fists ready to fight :(
  • I think taking his privledges means you are punishing him before you know that he's guilty. What if he's telling the truth?
  • I keep asking myself that same question. A part of me just wants to throw in the towel and just home school him along with his younger brother to avoid garbage like this from happening, but the other part of me feels like I would be stripping him of his opportunity to do what he loves the most in school. :(
  • My son is 18.He is non verbal and low functioning,and sometimes,he will grab womens boobs.I think,posssibly,many people on the sex offender registry,may be on the autism spectrum.Not,that they are evil deviants,I just think,they may not know what they are doing is wrong.Also,i think,all the hormones in the farm animals,may be making some people overly sexual agressive.Just my opinion.I can`t prove it.Another thing my son does,he pulls his pants down before he gets in the bathroom,or he comes out with his pants still down.If he doesn`t have shoes on,he will take his pants all they way off after going to the bathroom.Did this once,when my daughter and I,were outside getting ice cream from the ice cream truck,and he came out,handing me his pants.He needs help to get them back on.He has to be promted to flush the toilet,pull up his pants,at times.Sometimes he does it,without prompts.I don`t know if this is the case with your child,but,many kids have processing problems and can`t always process information,some over overly tactile sensory seekers,and grabbing and touching certain parts of the body may appeal to them,without them knowing it is wrong.Just something to think about.
  • My son is on the higher end of the spectrum, but does have processing problems. Academically, he's very bright, but with other things, he doesn't understand. A lot of times, I have to relay things to him on a more "child like" level and go over it numerous times before he understands. He was involved in an incident 2 years ago with another child, but due to the lack of proper physical evidence, he was only given probation and community service for a year and has been going to weekly counciling with a therapist as part of his sentencing. He did undergo a polygraph test that indicated there was some form of contact, but not to the extent of what the other family had been blabbing all over our neighborhood. Trying to get the courts to see and understand the complexity of an ASD persons mode of thought is nearly impossible. They treat everyone, regardless of handicap, the same way. My son did hide a lot of the truth from us in the beginning of the other situation, probably because he was ashamed of what he did and was afraid to say exactly what happened, but this time he is sticking to his guns and denying any involvement with this other student. At this point, there is no evidence or proof, it's one kids word against the other. I truly want to believe my son is being truthful with us this time, and I do feel some comfort in his story that he is being honest, but after his hiding of the truth on the last incident, it does raise a bit of an eyebrow. Does that make me a bad parent? :(
  • No,you are not a bad parent.I don`t think your son is a bad kid,even if he did it.
  • Sadly, where I live, there are no services for my son, I can't even get him an ASD therapist that he can see each week or a mobile therapist. I can't even help him that way, all I can do is just preach to him on a daily basis on what is right and wrong. I feel like a broken record :(

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  • Maybe,some old Tv shows,like the Waltons,Little House On The prarie.Have you looked at irlens Syndrome?This can affect processing,and helping with this,can improve processing ability,along with nutrients.Like EFAS,B complex and Ginko Biloba is good.
  • He loves watching the classic tv shows like the Waltons and Little House, and his love is Dolly Parton and country music :)
  • That is good.I like a lot of classic country music.Have you seen
  • Makes me think,there is hope for my son.
  • Yes, my son is a fan of hers and talks to her through Facebook :)
  • I believe there is hope for all of these gifts from god. I also believe that people should be more educated about ASD kids. Maybe they won't be so quick to judge and find fault with them all the time