3 year old speech & communication difficulties

Hi, I have an almost 3 year old son who has speech and communication difficulties, each day is very much a challenge for both me and him. My partner is hardly ever home and all my family and friends are back in England so I'm pretty much going through this alone as well as raising his younger brother who also has speech difficulties due to fluid in his ears. My eldest has been seeing a speech pathologist, occupational therapist and a lady from ECIP (early childhood intervention program) every week for almost a year now and has made great progress but there's still that speech / communication barrier.

He can say a handful of words clearly but babbles the rest of the time, when he tries to communicate he uses expressions rather than talk so we have to guess a lot of the time what he's trying to tell us. With him it's very much his way or no way - which can be very frustrating as a mum who's new to all of this! He's a bright little boy and excels in all other milestones for his age but struggles to understand simple tasks like "put your shoes on" or  "would you like a drink".

He constantly bullies his younger brother and when I tell him he's done wrong he doesn't understand why or what I'm saying - as I'm telling him off every 5 - 10 minutes I'm thinking all the negative attitude I'm giving him isn't helping him progress but he still needs to learn right from wrong..

Are there any other parents who have experienced similar issues or anyone with grown up children who also went through similar symptoms who can give us an insight as to what his future may look like?  Anything would be hugely appreciated!! :)

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