3 year old

We have a 3 year old with expressive and receptive speech lanuage disorde he says about 25 words.does anyoneknow the meaning of this disorder and what a 3 years old speech should be ty
  • Hi. I am a speech pathologist in private practice in Philadelphia. This means that your child comprehension and expression is delayed with regard to oral language. A typical 3 year old demonstrates the following abilities:

    understands differences in meaning (go/stop, big/little)
    speech is understood by familiar listeners most of the time
    engages in eye contact during conversations with occasional prompting
    makes frustrations known more with words than through crying or temper tantrums
    wants to get your attention constantly and show you things
    identifies boy/girl
    answers who, what and where questions
    understands prepositions
    begins to ask yes/no questions
    past tense is used; function words

    A child begins putting 2 words together at approximately 2 years old when they have an expressive vocabulary of about 150 words. Feel free to post questions on Communication Imaging's FB page. Best of luck.
    Susan Paul
  • Man you're lucky . Two of mine didn't speak anything but babble till 5 yrs. They're fine now with little or no extra support in that area. Spectrum kids are behind by a few years in a lot of things. I think that using what other kids do as a measure of where they should be is deceptive and depressing - also unfair to the child. So long as your child is going forward and not backwards I would go with the flow - encourage as much as possible. Chat with him and read to him abundantly. They're often way smarter than it would seem as what comes out of their mouths is not a good measure of what they understand.
  • My 27 year old says he's getting things that his mates understood at seventeen, doesn't stop him being incredible clever and functional....I think children are being pressured into being the same'way too soon and too much.... can't expect everyones development to move across the board at slow even rate even for kids who are not being diagnosed and assessed.
  • Brandon is 6. he speaks, but alot with scripting, echolalia, replacement phrases.. its sort of odd speach, instead of no speach. I know (most of the time) what he is feeling, or trying to say, but others sometimes don't.. an exapmple would be that if he didn't want what I put on the table for breakfast, he will say "ERR(buzzer noise), you are incorrect, please try again." or something like that..