AutismTalk - Verbal Communication

If we could offer one thing among the many that we recognise a person with Autism needs it would be the ability to communicate. To be heard and to express their self in a way that can be understood, listened to and responded to appropriately.

AutismTalk has spent years trying to reinforce the FACT, not belief but FACT that a person with Autism is as capable as another person of learning how to communicate with speech.

Assuming there are no other underlying conditions that prevent the ability to make verbal utterances we unequivocally assert that although it may take much, much longer and although it may be much, much harder; that a diagnosis of Autism is not the end of hope of speech and communication of a verbal nature.

For more on our strong and proven opinions on this topic please refer to the following link to our more extensive information pages on eliciting speech and verbal communication. However for here, we would say to you ‘never let what others tell you to the contrary, no matter who they are, influence your efforts to help the person you love with Autism to learn to speak’.

They can, and with time and patience they will! And ultimately, no matter how hard it is to achieve; the acquisition of speech will benefit a person in numerous and unimaginably positive ways long into their future.

If you would like any further information or advice on this topic please feel welcome to ask us or take a look at our website at