Speech delay

my 7 year old son diagnosed with PDD NOS, does not speak at all...there is only one monosyllable that he says...that too does not have a meaning attacjed to it. he has been going for speech therapy with nearly no improvement...please help with any techniques that we can deploy to strengthen his facial muscles and improve his chances for speech
  • My daughter had speech delay,and with very high doses of EFAS,I was able to bring on her speech.It did not work for my non verbal son.DMG may also help.Maybe worth a try.
  • Hi Alokdat, does your son have hypotonia/ low muscle tone?
  • yes, my son does have hypotonia...is was far more severe initially but with regular OT, it has improved but he is still hypotonis...
  • Wow! My son is 6, he has Aspergers and hypotonia among other things. How long has you son being going to OT? My son Ethan has being going to OT for the last 15mths and it seems his hypotonia is getting worse. I supplement him with L-Carnitine to help his low tone. What are you using?
  • Some kids can`t tolerate EFAS,maybe due to mytocondria dysfunction.They gave up on my for for speech therapy,long ago.He is 19 and non verbal and he never could tolerate the EFAS.My daughter could.Even giving supplements,they may not be able to absorb them.Maybe worth a try,though.Kirkman Labs has many supplements for ASD kids,and their website can explain about DMG and if DMG doesn`t work,maybe TMG would.Some kids get speech with these.My son started to get some speech with DMG,but,it only lasted a short time.Others have had better luck.
  • That's ridiculous! Communicating effectively has nothing to do with talking! A speech therapist's goal should be to get the child or young adult to communicate. Ask other therapists here and they will tell you the same thing.

    Although mine is 19, I hope to try everything until something works, and I wish the same for you.