Emerging conversational skills?

Here is a video of some crazy conversation. I think he was originally asked how was school & answered into his own crazy story about 3 dogs?? That's how conversation typically is, ask one thing, get a bIg long story about something completely different.


[Updated on 9/26/2012 10:15 AM]
  • Very cute.Ham it up for the camera.I think,his skills are emerging.
  • He always hams up for the camera! LOL, yeah, his conversations are definately getting better, (& vivid) now if he could only stay on a topic...
  • i have a hard time staying on topic,so,this might be a life long problem,I hate to say.I can be laying in bed,and trying to pray,and can`t stay on topic.My mind wanders constantly.Or,the alarm goes off,and i count to 100,and then get up.Sometimes,i find,i can`t do it without messing up,or loosing my place.I do find the supplements help.EFAS,ginko,choline.Still,it is an issues for me,but,worse without these supplements,or real food.You catch heck on here for not staying on topic,but,very hard for people on the spectrum to do.
  • An example of Decoding Brandon's emerging language..
    Yesterday when I picked him up from school,, i asked how was your day? he responded, "there was no alien, No alien today, it's not here." what?? I don't know what he's talking about..anyways.. so when I checked his folder, the teacher wrote that he didn't have a drink thermos today, ok, I must of forgot to pack it. Shame on me. so when we get home, he yells, There's the alien!! His drink thermos is sitting on the table, not brought to school. His drink thermos is Toy Story & has the "Pizza Planet" Alien topper piece on top.... Oh, he didn't have his alien drink cup today!! Duh. why didn't I figure it out!!
  • I have to laugh, that sounds just like Ethan! Ethan will cue me for something I have forgotten to put in his bag, You know Mom..... You know what it is? No I don't and then he'll get frustrated. He can explain parts of it, but not what it's called.
  • Haha. That sounds like me when I lose a word out of my brain and it's like 20 questions to find out what it was. It's always something really simple
  • Just a suggestion ....Maybe you could make a visual check list and Brandon could help pack his own lunch??.Use some choice cards to let him decide what he'd like to put into his bag.Cute story btw but i betcha it was on his mind all day as it broke up his routine.
  • Great idea.. A written checklist is better, though. he likes to write & read.I usually make his lunch before he wakes in the morning, but maybe I can wait & we can make it together. (If he doesn't frustrate me, too much that is) things are done in super routine so trying something new takes adjustment periods, if you know what I mean. & yeah, I'm sure him not having his drink was on him all day long that day, but he dealt. The teacher had plastic cups & a water fountain.
  • We HAVE to teach independence and this is a great way to start. Brandon 's very capable let him see how much he can do for himself!!! :)

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  • You could still make it 1st but let him check and repack it
  • Awsome. I think I will, I'll pre-make the sandwich & pull out a couple choices & let him load up his choices.
  • Heather & Brandonsmom---Lunch Chaining I LOVE it!! :)