Market research opportunity with Parents of children who have been diagnosed with an autism-related disorder

20|20 Research, Inc., on behalf of a publisher of behavioral and educational training materials, is conducting a research study with Parents of children who have been diagnosed with an autism-related disorder. Specifically, we are interested in talking to parents to get feedback on some new ideas regarding education/training materials. This study satisfies all requirements for a bona fide market research study; there will be absolutely no sales or promotion activities along with or consequent to the discussion.

Those who qualify will be asked to participate in a 3-day online interview. Participants will be asked to log in at least once each day for at least 30-40 minutes, at times that are convenient for them. A professional moderator who specializes in Healthcare research will post questions each day and participants would be expected to respond. Participants would be identified with their first name only; the information shared will be strictly anonymous and confidential. Any information that is reported to our clients will be in aggregate form only, as we take your privacy very seriously.

The study takes place Wednesday, December 5th through Friday, December 7th, and participants will receive up to $100 Prepaid Visa as a thank you for their complete participation, by answering all questions. We can also donate an honorarium to charity or organization of your choice.

If you are interested in this study, please click on the link below to go through a short online pre-screener:

If you prefer, you may call us toll-free, during regular business hours at 866-332-3610, ext. 226 (Euna) to go through a short screening questionnaire. If you receive voicemail, please leave your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you by phone.

Please forward or post this in your support group to anyone who may be interested!

For more information about 20|20 Research, please visit

All data generated in this research will remain anonymous at all times and will be treated in accordance with data protection laws and market research ethical guidelines. No sales of any kind will be involved; we are strictly performing research.