Dissertation Study: Ingergenerational Language Study between bilingual, Hispanic-American Mothers and Children with Autism


I am a doctoral student researcher with Capella University, completing my Ph.D. by studying the intergenerational language practices between bilingual, Hispanic-American mothers and their children with autism. I am currently recruiting females who are bilingual (Spanish/English), identify as being Hispanic, and have a child between the ages of 4 and 8 years old who receives special education services under the eligibility classification of Autism in Florida.

The purpose of this qualitative study is to learn how bilingual mothers make decisions about speaking Spanish, English or both languages when speaking with their children with autism. The study will specifically focus on how cultural identity and educational decisions may have influenced the decisions about which language or languages the mothers have choosen to speak with their children.

Parents who participate in this study will meet with the researcher for two interviews. Interviews will each last approximately 40 minutes. Each participant will also be asked to provide the researcher with a copy of her child's current IEP.

Participants will each receive a $25 gift card for Target for participating in this study.

I would greatly appreciate assitance in passing this information along to any potential particpicipants. For more information about the study or to inquire further, please contact

Gloria Niles, MS.Ed.

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