Ask for help with online survey for parents about the socialization of young adults with autism

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My name is Chen SHEN. I am a Masters student in Education from the Moray House of Education of the University of Edinburgh. My supervisor is Dr. Evelyn McGregor, who is a lecturerr with expertise in autism. I am running a survey of parents to find out the ways in which different educational backgrounds of young people with autism (mainstream and segregated education) prepare them to get involved in or be accepted by society.

Research on the socialization of young adults with autism is quite limited; in addition, there is little research comparing the young adults with autism’s acquisition of social skills and friendship in mainstream and segregated schools. However, a recent Canadian study surveyed parents about these topics in their children with disabilities; and some Scottish research explored perceived stigma, social comparison and future aspiration of young people with intellectual disabilities in mainstream and segregated schooling. This study combines some research aspects of these two research studies, to understand these issues in autism.

The link of the survey is as follow:

Parent Questionnaire of Socialization of Young People with Autsim

Your answers are confidential and will thus only be seen by the researcher and supervisor. If you would like any further information do please get in touch.

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