Angelman`s Syndrome

I was watching a video about this.Kids born without the sucking reflex.Many never walk,have cognitive problems.Some kind of like autism,and they cured it in a mouse.and they say the research holds promise for curing autism and alzheimer`s.I know,many feel they don`t need a cure.I just think,they already have the ability to cure it.The drs and drug companies make more money by just drugging people,and people being sick,they have to keep going back to the dr.If you are cured,you have no need for a doctor.
  • what good does not curing angelmans do for pharma and the drs. i know an angelmans child, he sees a dr no more than any other child and is on no drugs for his troubles or issues.
  • Most of them seem to suffer from seziures,so I imagine many of them take anti convulsants.Many of them can`t eat normally.I don`t know if they have to take meds for that.
  • I lived with my newborn baby having seziures quite often.It is not a fun thing to live.He was on anti conulsants.Meds for the reflux.None of them worked.While on meds,he still had seziures,and he still had reflux.
  • Many kids at my son`s school with Angelman`s and various other disorders.It is so depressing to go there.Many kids in wheel chairs.Robbed of their childhoods.I am thankful that my son can run and jump and go to the bathroom by himself.Feed himself.They just had a memorial service and garden put in for kids there that have died.I did not attend,as it is not suppossed to be like this.One girl I used to work with,was pregnant the same time as me,with my son,and her daughter was born with some sort of MD,then her son was born with the same thing.They have both died.