Coloured Lens Glasses

Last year we were approached by Theo's school to see if we'd agree if we'd be willing to take part in some research about tinted lens glasses as they thought that Theo was showing signs of Mears-Irlen Syndrome (also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome).

Of course wanting to do anything that may help Theo we researched the syndrome and then went onto agreeing to him participating in the research. We found that people who have Mears-Irlen Syndrome can have a sensitivity to lights, glare, patterns, specific colours and contrasts of colours.

Theo and I attended an appointment where we found that he was very stressed out with the colour red (which we knew already). His best coping colour was green. From this appointment he had glasses made with green lenses (two pairs of glasses were fully funded by the school) - he looks like someone that'd fit right into the cast of The Matrix lol.

Theo wont wear the glasses at home, I think he relates them to having to do work that he's not used to doing at home. At school however they've really noticed a difference in the quality of his concentration within the class setting and they're able to get him to concentrate longer (he has a very very short attention span).

I was just wondering if anyone else knows of any participating young people or have been the young person themselves? If they do what the out come has been with them?

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