New research findings

Hi everyone! The National Institute of Health (NIH) released some really interesting research findings this week. I've posted synopses and links to the articles on my blog:
  • It's kind of fun that Drs. say something that's completely true. But the problem is, is it that true? It's true that some aspies do have motor impairments, but do you think that motor impairments are related to high functioning autistic people?

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Congratulations on validation of your findings Deb. I used to wonder why my son had so many bruises on his wasn't until later that I had my V8 moment and put it together.

    And it's funny how they mentioned the video games. It hasn't isolated him, It's done the exact opposite for Alex in his classroom (which is already unconventional to begin's a Learning Ctr). He's allowed to have his DS there and has been incorporated in his therapy as a reward, but in ADDITION to's provided a common interest with his other classmates. Yesterday I noticed he was saying things like "Oops, I died."...and laughing. and for the first time EVER...I heard him say "I won! I made it through the castle by myself. This is the first time I did it!" (I just about pulled over the car to recover from the shock!) Self esteem is a big issue for this kid. This is vastly different from what I'm used too. He's been far less anxious since a change in his supplements. I've also noticed his thoughts becoming more cohesive, less stuttering when trying to string them together. His sensory issues appear to be less pronounced. But, back to my story...Today I see Alex walk straight up to his classroom line and start talking to this boy Ben about his game and asked him to help him to get through 'this part'. This is phenomenal stuff! These kids are interacting like buddies. I'm thrilled! If it were not for this little device, the gap between the NT kids and my son would've still seemed like the grand canyon.
  • God bless the DS. this is amazing Jenn. I bet you will be smiling for days over this. You guys are doing awesome work, keep it up , this is just WOW.
  • That is fantastic Ded, you must be a great OT. Your son will do great with you guiding him.
  • Yayyyyy!!!! I think the main thing to do in raising our kids is to throw away the rule books. Whatever they say you must or must'nt do - take stock of but by no means adhere too. Try whatever you think might work and stick to it until it doesn't then try something else.
    If that sounds stupid - I don't know. Do what works for you cos THAT"S what works for me.