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A great new study I found on twitter
  • I saw this online recently as well off an Autism Speaks link. It reads that
    of children with neurodevelopmental abnormalities, including autism, who were also known to have abnormal chromosomes, (Not all do, but some do) they identified area where changes to the chromosomes have been changed or altered in that group of children with abnormal chromosomes. a slight advancement into the nerology, but it doesn't change much for our children & families. Most of the children with autism don't have chromosonal issues & even if they did, then what? what to be done with that information? can chrmosones be adjusted in growing children? would you want to? If you know pre-natally that your fetal child had abnormal chrnmosome, what would you do? What is to gain from this science? I am only asking for friendly debate reasons, not specifically my opinion, But I do have an opinion that If autism speaks put as much or greater amount of its funding towards therapy, therapy rights, advocacy & towards aiding the daily lives of children with autism, instead of science that goes no where, I would offer a few more of my donation dollars in their direction, instead, I keep my funds locally where I know they go to actually helping youth with autism.
  • Autism Speaks leads the nation in the advocacy of children needing services. They are going to speak to a group in Wheeling WV March 13th to get self funded employers in my state to offer ABA coverage. They do help. They are limited however by government and lobbyists in what they can do to effect legal action at all levels. I am their charity case more so than I can contribute.
    With reference to the genetics, they may be able to do genetic testing on potential parents and let them know if they carry the genes that cause autism and then let them decide the risk. Like ppl do for Cystic Fibrosis. As far as prenatal testing I always refuse the triple screen blood work anyway during my pregnancie because I don't believe in abortion. So as far as a prenatal autism screen....good luck with that one! They can't tell you without an aniocentesis whether or not your child has Down's Syndrome or any that have big chromosomal anomalies and that's after abortion is truly ethical anyway because your fetus would be viable. So I hope they can get closer to a cause.
    I believe that the root cause of Autism is genetic but I also believe that brain inflammation is what triggers the symptoms. I think the main cause of that is prematurity in infancy and then there are multiple others such as traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders etc. The main reason we have so much in the US today is the infant mortality rate has gone down and we can save kids now that still have some component of brain damage. There is also an element of truth to this biomedical stuff where by there is hypoxic brain inflammation related to leaky gut etc. Just most kids aren't as effected by this. I am just talking from my own experience though. I do have 12 years of experience in neuro science as well as 5 years experience with autism as a parent to my honorary merit :-)
  • I have chromosonal differences...Cystic Fibrosis and I see that as a spectrum disorder.
  • CF is tough its great you are doing so well with it.