Parent participation needed for survey! (for high school student research project!)


My name is Courtney Astore. I am a junior in high school in Sarasota, FL. For the past 3 years I have been doing various scientific research projects in the field of Autism. Please take a look at “My Story” on my project website for more information. This year I'm embarking on a very large survey project worldwide which I need your help.

After much discovery and research, here is my final scientific question for my project focus this year:

Does the distinct severity of an individual's diagnosis of Autism have commonalities in symptoms and causations?

The more data pool I can collect, the more relative and meaningful the outcome and conclusions will be. This is where I need your help and assistance. I have designed and limited the survey to be specifically for parents of a child with autism….and I need to reach out to as many as possible and make them aware of my project so they can be involved and participate.

I would deeply appreciate if you could take a look at my project website at

PLEASE, I would appreciate if you could share with your members in your group, post or link to your personal or professional social network sites. If you know health and educational professionals supporting the field of autism, please make them aware of my project to share, ultimately with any parents of a child with autism, as a recommendation to fill out the survey based on their background.….This will ultimately develop meaningful data that could possibly help them and others in the future. I am planning to publish my research findings sometime in January 2014.

Please take my survey if you are a parent with a child with Autism…and refer to others!

Thank you so so much.

Courtney Astore
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