Helping my Fiance Make Friends

So my fiance is in a period of transition, which as you all must know is full of its own challenges. One of his biggest issues is that because of this great upheaval in his life, he has lost a lot of the friends he had in university and hasn't been able to make any new friends since moving.

He loves being around people, unfortunately I am one hundred percent an introvert and pretty clueless on meeting people. He needs to be around people, to have fun with his guy friends, and right now he is missing that. The effect is devastating. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with their significant other, and if you have any advice for an aspie trying to make new friends as an adult.
  • We went through a life change a few years ago and started over at 0 with the friendship department. My SO reported feeling lonely.

    I challenged him to quests and helped him find articles online about how to move forward with them.

    Quest 1: I challenged him to ask 1 new person per week to hang out with him, regardless of their answer.
    Quest 2: I also challenged him to leave the house to see 1 work friend per week. I often suggested activity ideas and reassured him that it's ok if people aren't always interested.
    Quest 3: Once every second week, invite a few people over (for a movie or videogames) and see who can make it.

    I also make an effort to convince him to go places when invited by others, at least for a very short while. He usually ends up enjoying it and staying.