Biological Mother Abuses her 2 Autistic Children

Hi there.

I'm very new to the whole forum thing and I am very much still learning. Please forgive any formatting errors.

So, I'm a 20 year old autistic woman and I have been abused by my mother as long as I can remember. I've looked up the different kinds of abuse that are defined by the law in South Africa, and her abuse fits the physical, emotional and economic abuse categories quite neatly.

My issue at this point is mostly that I'm struggling to get legal recourse because she's very good at emotionally manipulating those around her. I always stick to the facts and I've gathered evidence against her, but it's hard to get people to listen when you don't really understand how to get them emotionally invested in your side of the argument.

At this point in time I need help with 2 issues - making and winning a case against her, and help/support in becoming self-sufficient.

The first part is really difficult, because I don't really understand how neurotypicals work at all. I would love legal advice too, but I desperately need the ability to counter her emotional manipulation.

The second part is perhaps even more difficult, because I have depression and anxiety, and I'm still trying to recover to a point where I can function normally again. I don't struggle with motivation as much as I used to, but I still struggle with my confidence and "walls of awful". I find it hard to put myself out into the world and to sell my skills. I have only recently decided to try and learn coping mechanisms from other autistic humans instead of just trying to ignore that part of my identity and mask my autistic traits as much as possible.

Thanks for listening