• Dads and autism

    Dads and autism

    A group for fathers who wish to discuss autism, parenting and being a dad.
    Last Activity: 4 months ago
    30 members
  • Diet & Nutrition

    Diet & Nutrition

    There are many diets and nutritional programs out there for helping with ASD. Everything from supplements to casein / gluten-free regimens. This is a group to share information on all these topics.
    Last Activity: 3 months ago
    354 members
  • Education


    A forum for discussion educational issues and ASD. Everything from schools, PPTs, IEPs educational funding, SEPTA, PTA and the myriad associated acronyms.
    Last Activity: 3 days ago
    614 members
  • Employment and autism

    Employment and autism

    How do employers work with those of us with ASD? What kinds of challenges are we facing and how do we work with them?
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    116 members
  • Empty Nesters

    Empty Nesters

    Group for parents whose ASD children have left the home.
    19 members
  • Faith & Religion

    Faith & Religion

    How do our religious beliefs and faith factor into how we live and cope with ASD?
    Last Activity: 8 months ago
    127 members
  • Fragile X

    Fragile X

    A group for the discussion of FXS and specific related issues.
    27 members
  • Fundraising / Grants / Donations

    Fundraising / Grants / Donations

    A place to discuss how to source and secure funding for local ASD causes.
    Last Activity: 3 months ago
    209 members
  • Government Legislation

    Government Legislation

    How is the government approaching ASD? What new developments are happening, how do we advocate greater change, focus, assistance from the government?
    Last Activity: over 4 years ago
    69 members
  • Health Insurance / Health Care

    Health Insurance / Health Care

    Discussion place for issues of health care and health insurance. Difficulties of securing health insurance with ASD diagnoses and tips on managing health care and health care providers.
    Last Activity: 3 months ago
    78 members