• Adulthood and Autism

    Adulthood and Autism

    This group is for adults diagnosed with autism, and for parents of grown children with autism.
    Last Activity: 5 days ago
    579 members
  • ASD + GLBT Forum

    ASD + GLBT Forum

    Forum for those auties and aspies to discuss Gay *** Bi- and Transgender issues.
    30 members
  • ASD and Environment

    ASD and Environment

    Discussions for issues related to ASD and environmental factors.
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    86 members
  • Asperger Circle

    Asperger Circle

    Place for aspies to share with one another and for those seeking insight into AS.
    Last Activity: 1 day ago
    959 members
  • Birth to Three

    Birth to Three

    Group for parents of infants to pre-K. Discussion of early intervention, therapy, support.
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    118 members
  • Books and Things I've Read

    Books and Things I've Read

    Read a great book that has helped you in your journey with autism? A research paper? A newspaper piece that got you thinking, helped or worked up?
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    132 members
  • Breakthroughs / Success Stories

    Breakthroughs / Success Stories

    This is a group for exchanging breakthroughs that bring a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts. A place for sharing stories of success that can help inspire others who might need it.
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    330 members
  • Challenging / Violent Behaviors

    Challenging / Violent Behaviors

    Discussions of problems and issues specific to violent behaviors and violent outbursts.
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    179 members
  • Chat Forum

    Chat Forum

    Strange to have a forum/group for chat - but here's where we discuss chat episodes, suggestions for chat, etc. This may end up generating voluminous chat threads, so please do not subscribe to this group unless you come prepared....
    Last Activity: 1 month ago
    97 members
  • Coping / Daily Challenges

    Coping / Daily Challenges

    Daily life with ASD can sometimes be a real challenge. This is a place to discuss, vent, share individual everyday difficulties and how we each manage to get through them.
    Last Activity: 2 days ago
    1761 members