Satan is the prince of the power of the air

LIkely,not going to be popular with this post,but,I guess I never was anyway,Much demonic activity and witchcraft coming through the air waves.That includes,TVs,Smart phones,lap top and computers,and video games.These smart phones and videos games,are turning the minds of the young people,and even adults into mush.What is protecting the brains of your children or yourself from the radiation coming off these things?Steve Jobs died from his own inventions.He did not even let his own kids use a lot of his inventions like tablets and such.He knew how dangerous they were.If you serve the real God and have on the full armor of God,Ephesisans 6 KJV.Have soaked your mind,will emotions,spirit and soul over your faculties,you are protected.Another thing,it is demons doing the inventing.Not people.Why,so many do called gifted kids,are good at their so called career,but not in any other aspect of life.They cannot function.Generational curses,for the sins of the Fathers,coming down on them.My kids teacher plays rock music during quizes.The after school club they want to start is Dungens and dragons.All the books,videos games,movies are of the occult.Most every dang one.I will expose it all across this internet.Coomon core curriculm in the schools.The parents,remain silent.Not this one.Kids were better educated by the 9th grade,in the 1800s,than most college grads today.Not to mention,they pay big bucks,and many cannot even get a job to pay back their college loans.College is one of the biggest scams ever.They teach kids what to think,instead of how to think.I have 2 girls nearly 20 years apart,I can see,how far down hill,education has gone.Violent video games and movies.Demons coming through the airwaves and landing right into these kids.Contributing to the mass shootings,Witchcraft,too.The masses,remain silent.The Judgement of ALL MIGHTY GOD is coming.

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