Good Videos

By Chaplain Bob Walker B.Th.He has 2 different channels,so the one with B.Th is the right one.the video is called a comment by a listener.Then,Lies if the Hebrew New Testament.This is a 2 part video.The first part is mostly about correct texts or bibles.The actual Lies,you have to go 2 part 2 for that.I don`t agree with all he says in the first part.But,he uses verses out of the KJV bible,to back up what he says,is true.Of course you have to be a believer,in Jesus and Believe God said he would preserve his word.In order to believe it.

  • Another good video on new age bible versions by gospel truth.This is and old The Prophesy Club video.I like many of the old episodes of the prophesy club.Not saying I agree with everything,every speaker says.
  • This is a very good video.He explains this subject very well,I think.How To take every thought captive by Nelson Schuman.He spends the beginning of the video,talking about things,not on subject,so you may want to jump ahead,a bit.I like to get the the meat of the subject,and very impatient,with listening to the beginnings,of many videos.I combine this,with praying against bewitched relationships,and evil soulties that control people.
  • Again,This book I have called Prayer Rain,has sections in it,to pray against bewitched relationship,evil souls ties,attacks on your marriage,and much more.
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