Bewitched relationships

Lets talks about bewitched relationships.No doubt in my mind,that this has been my lot.How to pray against it?The book prayer Rain has prayers to pray against this.Prayers against marriage killers.You can have soul ties with past lovers,family members,friends.They can be exercising control over your life and relationships,unless you break these ties.This is an issue that keeps anger alive in my marriage.A spirit of communication block,Yokes of creating dead locks in settlement.Spirits of strife,ahab and Jezable.Powers sucking piece and love from your home.LIkely going to upset some with this,but teachers are bewitching kids and causing strife in the home.My daughter`s latest assignment,to write up a debate or arrgument with your parents.They brain wash kids to be disobedient to their parents.Not honoring your parents can bring a curse upon the kids.Reubin defiled his Fathers bed,and slept with his concubine,the mother of his brother,and as a result,he lost the birthright blessing.Much of what is taught is going against God.I`ll say it again,the technology c0omes from the fallen angels and demons,that inhabit people.People use automatic ahnd writing,which is a demon spirit,actually doing the writing,and they write best sellers,like Darwin`s Theory of Evolution,and Steven Hawking books.Absolute TRUTH.Father,I ask you to loose upon teachers that are abusing children,bewitching them,the spirit of repentance,and the spirit of conviction,and the spirit of the Fear of the Lord.Multiply their shame,and let there be no peace or rest in their minds,until they return in repentance to their creator in the name of Jesus.Much of the books in schools,are occultic.People need to learn how to break soul ties,cause they can have control over your life,and controlling your children and spouse,and causing conflict in your relations.Pray for Godly soul ties to bring blessings to your lives.Praying for everything,as always in the mighty name of Jesus.

  • If you or your partner or other family member fight often,you have have spirits of strife,ahab,Jezabel,marriage destruction,rejection,hate,bitterness,unforgiveness,fueling the fire.Bind these spirits in the name of Jesus.If your ASD child has destructive or troubling behaviors,they may have a soul tie,with someone,controlling them,by remote control.Or demon spirits telling them to do things.Important to learn how to pray against this stuff.Daniel Olukoya has some good books on fighting against witchraft.or go to youtube and type in prayers to fight against bewitches relationships.
  • Good video the demonic and angelic wars of 3;00 A.M by Marcus Rogers.
  • Good video by Paige loves Jesus Satan wants to destroy your relationships.
  • Good video by Paige loves Jesus Satan wants to destroy your relationships.
  • Another issue,you have hve in your marriage,or other family relationship,if there is constant fighting,and turmoil,someone may have placed an evil wall or demonic wall between you.Pray for it to be broken down in the name of Jesus.
  • I mentioned this on another post,but goes long wit this,I think.A good video to go with this,How to take every thought captive by Nelson Schuman.This in one way,Satan get an advantage over me.Demons keep planting thoughts in my mind,that make me angry,and try and try,I find it difficult,often,to keep from going off,on my husband.Our demons keep getting us to go off on each other.Was a book,i read not to long ago,and the name escapes me,at the moment.Will post when and if I remember.I just did remember.The Screw Tape Letters.How demons work together to destroy people,marraiages and parent and child relationships.Chruches.They go after people of God.,mostly,but,is Satn`s plan to take us all with him.
  • The Screw Tape Letters by C.S.Lewis.
  • Witchraft-How to fight and win by Deanna Dixon.
  • I don`t agree with send it back to the sender prayers,though.YOu can get the same benefit,praying these psalms,94,109,140,35,129 KJV.
  • Have you ever seen bewitched she is actually a very nice person. I do not like the use of that word when not all witches are bad people. There are sever types of witches and many are healers and very few are the ones that supposedly had a naughty relationship with satan or what have you. Most are healers. I mostly have problems with people who claim to be Christian but just do nothing but judge and condemn. I am actually a theologian and minister but my father dose nothing but warn me about hell even though I believe in his Jesus and have all the respect in the world for him I just dont agree with everything in the bible and nor want to condemn people for there beliefs esp those believe in your same God even if I am not a follower. He even despises Catholics