My next books

The next books I am getting,Disappointed with some books I have ordered,and others,I learned a lotfrom.Even the ones I was disappointed with,I think I learned something from them.The Forgotten Monary of Scotland;The True Story of The Royal House of Stewart,and the Hidden Linage of the KIngs and Queens of the Scots, by Micahel Lames Alexander.History of The House of Hanover by C.J.B, GasKoin. Clan Farquharson by Ann Lindsay Mitchell.

  • More books I want to get.I have not gotten the above ones,as I bought a new puppy.Low on funds,at the moment.These are some others I want to get.Likely,have to pick some,and wait on the others.The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop,The Christian Dictionary by John Fleetwood,Empires of the Bible by Alonzo T.Jones,The one Year Bible by Tyndale.