The stolen Garments

I am not saying anyone needs to believe this post.Just saying,do your own research and make up your own mind.The stolen garments,being the skins,God made,or had his angels make,or he showed Adam how to make them.When they discovered they were naked,in the garden,skins were made for them,from animal skins.The verse about Ham,uncovered his Father`s nakedness,may have something to do with why,Noah cursed Canaan.He had sex with Noah`s wife,who may have been a daughter of Cain.OR,it had something to do with those garments.I think,they were to go with the priest hood,or something.Ham stole them.He gave them,to his son Cush.Cush gave them,to his son Nimrod.NImrod was a mighty Hunter.Likely,a hunter of souls.With these garments he got powers.He was able to control everyone.Esau,killed Nimrod.Esau,was also a mighty huneter.He married Canannite wives.Esau was to have gotten the birthright blessing,being the oldest of the sons,of Issac.His mother plotted with Jacob,to get the blessing.Esau sold the blessing for a meal,from Jacob.When Esua Killed Nimrod,he then,had the garments,and the Babylonian Talmud.NOW,Esau controls everything,as Nimord did.We celebrate NImrod`s birthday on dec 25th.This is adultry.Those Nativity scenes of the Baby Jesus in the manger,so not represent baby Jesus,but Nimrod`s son,Tamaz,or Tamuz,and his wife/Mother.Isis,or whatever,the heck her name is.She has many names.One of the 10 commandments,have no graven Image of anything in Heaven.We are not to have any images of our God.God`s Judgement will come down on the churches,first for this.I pray,the people repent,and turn to Jesus Christ,before it is to late.He is the only true God.3 parts to him.The Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,and these 3 are ONE.God came in the flesh,as Jesus Christ.Died on the Cross,and came back after 3 days.He is the real all seeing eye.Not Satan,or whatever you call him.Satan is not omni present.He CANNOT see all.He has to send out his demons and human agents,to report back to him.This is just one,of his many lies and deceptions.He is the master deceiver.The Freemasons/occultists,are the ones most deceived.

  • Well, about what happened to the garments...... Since they were made from anima! skins I suspect they got old and decayed, like everything else was starting to, and were destroyed by time and usage long before Adam and Eve died. But mystery is certainly one of the things that sells books.
  • Not if they has supernatural power,they would not have decayed.
  • Inanimate objects do not "have supernatural powers". Be careful that you do not stray from the Truth into idolatry.
  • Are you saying God can`t annoint anything?The bible is a book.An inaminate object.Yet,the word is God.It most definately has supernatural power.If God wanted those garments to have power,anything is possible with God.
  • The Rod that Moses carried to do wonders in Egypt was an inaminate object.The word of God,is a ROD,that will swallow up serpents.
  • The whole problem with the so called church,they do not think God has any power.They do not believe.
  • If God wants to annoint an object,he most certainly can do whatever he wants.
  • Many in these last days are into the occult.They astral project,they do witchraft,they know Satan will reward them,for serving him,they know he has power.They reject or deny that God has any.Something very WRONG with the so called church of God.
  • Hello A.Momma.
    I feel like you're missing the point. Maybe I wasn't clear (or maybe you just disagree, you have that right). God certainly CAN do whatever He wants. Inanimate objects do not have "supernatural" powers. Could God imbue an object with power? Sure, but then people would need to be careful to avoid worshipping the object, and attributing the power to the object - the power is God's still.

    Remember when the Israelites were in the desert and God sent the plague of snakes among them because they had become discouraged and complained against God, and then when they were sorry and Moses prayed for them God told Moses to Make a serpent and put it on a pole, and that when anyone was bitten if they would look on the serpent on the pole they would live? (It's in Numbers 21). But then in 2 Kings 18 in the list of Hezekiah's reforms (where he got rid of idols etc), he destroyed the bronze snake - because the people had given it a name and were worshipping it. The people inappropriately attributed the healing power to the snake. The snake never had any power. It was a matter of obedience. God commanded people who were bitten to look at the serpent on the pole to live. They didn't live because looking at a snake is the cure for snakebite. They lived because God commanded and they obeyed, so God intervened for them.

    Similarly with the rod that Moses and Aaron used to display God's power to Pharoah, it didn't turn into a snake because throwing a rod on the ground necessarily turns it into a snake. Or, even because throwing that rod on the ground necessarily turns it into a snake. God gave Moses and Aaron very specific instructions as to under what circumstances they were to throw the rod down, God agreed that under those circumstances He would turn the rod into a snake. Moses and Aaron obeyed God, and God kept His promise (He always does). It was never about any power in the rod. God intervened each time Moses and Aaron obeyed Him. If Moses had tried to use the rod as a "parlor trick" to "amaze his friends" to make money or for something that God hadn't agreed to God would not have turned it into a snake (personally I think God would've struck down anyone who tried that, but I admit the Bible doesn't say that (though there is the example of the two son's of Aaron who 'offerred profane fire' who were struck down, so my position is not without some support)). It certainly would not have been appropriate for the people to worship the rod.

    In the same way, how much is a quest for he location of these garments bordering on idolatry. If they exist (which I don't believe) they would have no power in themselves. Any power that exists comes from God. It's all about obeying God.

    When we are Christians the Holy God Who created all that is comes to abide inside of us. He hears all our requests and loves us so much that He sent His own Son to die for us. What more could we ever need?

    Also, as far as a printed copy of the Bible having power........... It's not the paper of the pages, or the cowhide of the leather binding, or the paperboard if yours doesn't have leather. Or, the glue or thread that binds it. It's also not the ink or the patterns on the page. The power is in the fact that the real breath of the only living God uttered the words (or a translation of them) that this book contains. Jesus of course is also referred to as the Word of God.

    So. I don't believe there is any Bible support for God putting His power into inanimate objects. Remember, among God's attributes are His omniscience and omnipresence, He is everywhere and knows everything. It requires no effort at all for Him to be keeping multitudinous promises to multitudinous people in multitudinous places all at the same time.

    Lastly, (I hope, because this is getting to be longer than I intended), with respect to Satan and rewards......I saw in another place where you said that you have read the book of Revelation. So, you know that Satan has limited abilities. He is not the exact opposite of God as he would have people believe. He is simply a created being, and angel, in rebellion against his Creator. God is immensely, completely more powerful. One day the devil will pay for misusing the comparatively tiny amount of power God allows angels to have. The devil's ability to rewards those who obey him is severely limited. He and they will eventually be punished for all eternity.

    So, read what you want, believe what you want, but keep the big picture in view always!
    All power belongs to God. Woe to those who misuse it.
  • 2 Corinthians 4;4 The god of this world has blinded the minds of those who believe not.KJV version.Who is the god of this world?Satan is the god of this world,until Jesus returns to take his throne.Satan controls the healthcare,education,governement,Money system(Federal Reserve),and the fake 501c3 churches,and every religion.These churches get tax exempt status,to sign a paper,saying what they can and CANNOT teach or preach.The entire system,is the Babylonian System.Come out of Babylon,my people.
  • The early church of God,did not get tax exempt status to preach and teach lies and BS.
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