The stolen Garments

I am not saying anyone needs to believe this post.Just saying,do your own research and make up your own mind.The stolen garments,being the skins,God made,or had his angels make,or he showed Adam how to make them.When they discovered they were naked,in the garden,skins were made for them,from animal skins.The verse about Ham,uncovered his Father`s nakedness,may have something to do with why,Noah cursed Canaan.He had sex with Noah`s wife,who may have been a daughter of Cain.OR,it had something to do with those garments.I think,they were to go with the priest hood,or something.Ham stole them.He gave them,to his son Cush.Cush gave them,to his son Nimrod.NImrod was a mighty Hunter.Likely,a hunter of souls.With these garments he got powers.He was able to control everyone.Esau,killed Nimrod.Esau,was also a mighty huneter.He married Canannite wives.Esau was to have gotten the birthright blessing,being the oldest of the sons,of Issac.His mother plotted with Jacob,to get the blessing.Esau sold the blessing for a meal,from Jacob.When Esua Killed Nimrod,he then,had the garments,and the Babylonian Talmud.NOW,Esau controls everything,as Nimord did.We celebrate NImrod`s birthday on dec 25th.This is adultry.Those Nativity scenes of the Baby Jesus in the manger,so not represent baby Jesus,but Nimrod`s son,Tamaz,or Tamuz,and his wife/Mother.Isis,or whatever,the heck her name is.She has many names.One of the 10 commandments,have no graven Image of anything in Heaven.We are not to have any images of our God.God`s Judgement will come down on the churches,first for this.I pray,the people repent,and turn to Jesus Christ,before it is to late.He is the only true God.3 parts to him.The Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,and these 3 are ONE.God came in the flesh,as Jesus Christ.Died on the Cross,and came back after 3 days.He is the real all seeing eye.Not Satan,or whatever you call him.Satan is not omni present.He CANNOT see all.He has to send out his demons and human agents,to report back to him.This is just one,of his many lies and deceptions.He is the master deceiver.The Freemasons/occultists,are the ones most deceived.

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