God`s judgement

1 Peter 4;17 KJV Judgement will begin with the house of God.The church.Got this book,study in Revelation,and it talks about all these empires,or people`s,that God,has allowed to take down his own people,for their sins,and through it all,they still refuse to repent,and turn back to their God,talks about the many people`s,he brings down on Israel,Atilla the HUn,the Vandels,the Goths,the Ottoman Empire,Muhammad,to name a few.Then the Norman Conquest.Will be interesting to see how this plays out,as far as who is considered Israel,cause,now,all those people are mixed with Israel.If people are of the lost tribes,and don`t considere themselves to be God`s people,he will likely you punish you,as he would his people.Have not all of it.I have read through the Book of Revelation a couple of times.Did not understand all of it.THis maybe helped shed some light on some things.At any rate,when all is said and done,many people,of all nations,and of every tongue,no man can number,will be standing before the Lord of Hosts.I try and hang on to this,eventhough,as I look around,I see no evidence of this being the case.I do believe things are happening in the spirit realm.Largely from the reactions I get from people,out in public,and also,from my dogs,telling me someone is outhere.Down to one dog,now.I don`t agree with what I have read about the Reformation,so far,in this book,but,still can shed light on somethings.God allowed all these peoples to kill and inflict his people and oppress them,and still,they would NOT repent,and turn back to their God.The churches are Apostate.Not saying everyone in them,is,but,many are christians in name only.That LUKE warm church,he will spew out of his mouth.

  • John is writing to 7 different churches in Revelation.He has something different to say,to each one.
  • Good video by DeAnna Dixon.It`s Not a head problem,it`s a heart problem.
  • Romans 12;2 KJV.God`s people can`t conform to this world.Funny,if you look at most people whi attend church.They seem to be very well conformed to this world.
  • Video by Deanna Dixon Christians have 2 files-Plants are real-they offer them money.I have have multiple attacks on my home,marriage and my children.I came to this conclusion,some time ago.I susspect they move different agents in,as others have failed,to carry out their mission.You need bible knowledge to even get a better understanding,of what is going on.THey have replaced the real bibles with fakes in most churches.The reason,there is SUPERNATURAL POWER,in the real spoken out loud word of God,when spoken through the mouth of a real beleiver in Jesus.God spoke the world in to existance.The word,is God.Also,the only truth and knowledge is in the real bible.Satan does not want God`s people to know the truth,or have real knowledge,or be able to harm his kingdom.
  • Satan and his people,they can`t do anything to me,that has not already been done.He destroyed my familly.Likely witchcraft busted up my parents relationship.My father left when I was 2.My mother died when I was 3,likely by witchcraft.Freemasons adopting children,to keep them from knowing the real God,to destroy their salvation.Many go from Foster home to foster home.Many were abused and killed in orphanages.What do we know about love?Jesus dying for us.That is about it.Many don`t know Jesus.Or that he will protect them,from their enemy,if they call upon him.Satan and his people have destroyed 2 of my kids,and started to work on the 3rd,but,I got wise to what is going on,hopefully,before he totally destroys my 3rd child.Many,their souls are in prison,and demons control the body.Nothing more you can do to me.Except kill me.God`s people will be ressurected,just like Jesus.SO,I am not afraid of you.
  • You can learn something,from old TV shows.An episdoe of Wagon Train about an Aztec Princess.She was going to marry a god,and be a sacrafice to him.THis stuff still goes on.Just been hidden from the final generations.NOW,even Israel,does this.Human sacrafices to their gods.WHY God told Israel not to mix with the Heathen nations.They would turn your heart away from your God.This is exactly,what happened to Israel.You hear,NO churches,or almost no so called chritians,telling Israel,to REPENT.NONE.Not even allowed to say anything about Israel.Not out in public,anyway,An episdode of Daniel Boone,about the indians were afraid,to go to a certain valley,cause they thought the spirits of the giants,who once ruled earth were there.THis stuff is true,but those spirits inhabit people,and fill them with false knowledge.The indains did nothing,without consulting the spirits(demons).They led them straight into destruction.THey are doing the same thing,with the majority of mankind.They can`t even save themselves,unless they call upon Jesus Christ,and REPENT.