The Gospels and St. Luke

I have to admit,there are parts of the bible,I have still not real through,very well.The gsopels,for one.I recently reread Mark,and yesterday,I read the Gospel of John.SInce I thoiught,they were just 4 different accounts of the samething.They are,but you get some details in one,that you don`t get in the others.Anyway,was watching an old episode of Wagon Train last night,the episode was about a man ,who refused to let a doctor treat his wife,said he was of the devil.Now,this doctor was quoting scriptures back to the man,and much of it was about Luke.Who was a physician,and a gentile.The gospel of Luke,was one,I kept skipping over.My opinion of DRs,is not good.Or should I say,mt experience with most of them.I will say this,they used to intimidate me.NOW,they act like they are afraid of me.ANyway,I think for fixing wounds and surgery if needed,yes,get me a doctor,this handing out pills like candy,is not from God,but from Satan.Anyway,I decided to read the Gospel of LUke.Half way through it.Luke 1;5 Herid,King of Jerusalem.Who was Herod?An Edomite.They still hold the sceptor,for the sins of Judah.Until,Jesus comes to claim his throne.LUke 1;79 To give light unto them that sit in darkness,and in the shadow of death,To guide their feet into the way of peace.THis is one of my new favorite verses.I for some reason,thought Luke was a disciple.WOW,he was a Physician and a gentile,and he followed Jesus Christ,

  • The gospel of Matthew is one of my favorites.Jesus lays into the Jews,bigtime in this book.The biggest antisemite ever.
  • Luke chapter 12 and 13,especially Luke 13;34 and 35 KJV.
  • Luke Chapter 8 KJV.This verse chapter deals with Legion,who was many demons in one person.They asked Jesus to send them into the pigs.Demons can into animals.These pit bull attacks,and likely rabbies is a demon that has gone into the animal.They like creatures of the night.Black cats,black dogs,crows,and pit bulls,especially,it seems,but,they can go into any animal.Soak your pets in the blood of Jesus.For people that dabble into the occult,you will draw demons to you,your home,your kids,your pets.If you have a pit bull,and a small child in the house,might not be a good thing.Many,you hear,them say,I have a pitt bull and I trust them with my kids.Not really the dog,likely,but a demon that has gone into the dog,and may not even be a pit bull.They just seems to have the highest occurences of attack,and ripping someone to shreads,and then,the owner gets charged,and sent to prison.Dogs and cats can see into the spirit realm.
  • Speaking of Pit bulls,a girl in Detroit was mauiled to death,yesterday by 3 Pit bulls.I went to the dog pund,yesterday,considering a shelter dog,to replace my Cocoabear.My chocolate Lab.She was 14 and dying,so I put her down.Most of the dogs in the pound were pit bulls.I swear,I thought,it used to be,they did not adopt them out.$150 to adopt a big dog.Now,if it gets out,somehow,and attacks someone,I would be liable.My autistic son,likes to let the dogs out.Thinks it`s funny.No way,I could even keep one in my yard.I`m getting older,and really,a large dog is getting to be to much work.I do have another small breed.Breeders want an arm and a leg and even more,for a dog now days.I paid $350 for my Lab Puppy 14 years ago,with papers.