My next book.When Scotland was Jewish

This is my next book venture.Been studying Ireland alot.But not Scotland.My ancestry,as far as I know,is mostly Irish,Scottish,English,and Italian.My Father was half Italian and half Scots-Irish.My mother,as far as I know,was Irish,on her mother and Fathers side.Her dad was Scots_Irish onhis mothers side.I think English on his fathers side.Last knight watched an old episode of Wagon Train,about Scottish people going to what they called New Scotland.Not sure yet where that would have been.Another episode of Irish people trying to cross to Ca,and how they were treated in early America.Also in the old Daniel Boone TV show.I don`t remember this stuff being taught in school.

  • I'm trying to think of what you mean by the title - are you referring to when Scotland had a much larger Jewish community (generally of Eastern European descent and mostly in Glasgow) in most of the 20th century than now? Or are you referring to the Scots being a supposed Lost Tribe? Or are you referring to when the Scots became Protestant in the early 1600s and fostered mass literacy the way the Jews had already done it for 1-2 millennia, leading to the Scottish Enlightenment?
  • I have ordered this book and not received it yet,so can`t yet comment further on the book,yet.I do think there were Jews in Scotland.I believe many converted to Catholicism,or Protestantism,to avoid persecution.
  • They were Gaelic before the Norman/Viking invasions,from what I have read,anyway.Many of the lost tribes have lost their identity,and don`t know who they are.Some are waking up,to it.
  • This book,when Scotland was Jewish,is not what I thought,it would be.Niw,there are many Jews.We have Judah,who married a Canaanite wife,and had 3 sons,with her,God killed Judah`s 2 oldest sons.His son Sheila,had like 6 sons.Then Judah had twin sons with his daughter in Law,Tamar.God took the Kingdom from Zarah Judah,who was mixing with the Egyptians,and gave it to Pharez Judah,who I beleive married into Joseph`s line.See the book Judah`s Sceptre and Joseph`s Birthright,by John Harden Allen.The Jews this book is talking about,is Separdic Jews.Likely going to offend some people with this,but from the book of Gad the Seer,it says the Separdic and Ashkenaz Jews are Edom.This book talks about how they were merchants and Mariners.Lists their surnames.Now,if you google bible verses about the Merchants,you can many verses about them.Hosea 12;7 and Revelation 18 are just 2,I will give you.Dan,also was a sort of Merchant and Mariner.Dan and Judah being the 2 largest tribes of Israel,and they are not all following the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob
  • What happened to the Scibes and Pharassees,and who are they today?
  • If you look up Canaan in Hebrew in the strongs concordance of the bible,it means,Merchant.This book,claims the Jews in this book were merchants and Sailers.
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