Ephraim Israel

This is all the nations that make up,the United Kingdom.Good site,Step into the story-From Genesis to Revelation/what nations did Ephraim mix himself with.Seems Assyeria was one.Assur was a son of Shem,so a semitic nation.Though mixed with fallen angel DNA.Can google this,and bible verses about Ephriam in the King James bible.

  • Good video Minor Prophets Zephaniah by Gospel Broadcasting network.
  • This is my prayer for today.Father I pray that you give me a heart of tenderness,and agape love,and I pray for the word to go forth in love,not in wrath.I pray you change my heart and work a miracle in me.I pray this not only for myself,but for my husband,my children,my grand children,and the entire House of Israel,and those mixed with the House of Israel,in the mighty name of Jesus.In these last days,likely everyone has seed of Israel in them.They have Abraham`s seed in them,he was the Father of many nations.Anyone who calls upon the name of of Lord can be saved.False gods,cannot save you.Witchcraft and other dark arts cannot save you.Only Jesus can save.
  • Micah 3;3 and Psalm 58 KJV
  • Psalm 59 kjv They make a noise like a dog.When you hear dogs barking like mad,especially in the evening,it just may not be dogs barking.