Flys in the bible

Type this into youtube,and you get some interesting videos pop up.Now in the book I have Prayers to Rout Demons it lists several prayers to pray against flys.Satan has many creatures in his KIngdom.Yes,ALL fall short of the Glory of God.ALL have sinned.I confess,I have unresolved anger,bitterness,in the past gossip,unforgiveness,PRIDE.I confess these as sin.I pray about this most days.Not as much as I should.Oh yes,I signed for my underage daughter to have an abortion.Reason being,we believed vaccines caused autism,and she recently had her MMR vaccine.I had my hands full with my ASD son.He had horrible behavior and health issues.The bible calls it sin.I confess it as sin.Sex outside of marriage is in.I confess it as sin.When I learned the truth about Israel,and my own family,I was angry as HELL.STill battle with anger,bitterness,unforgiveness.PRIDE.If people pray for each other.Maybe there is hope for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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