Where does all the Tithe money go that the churches collect?

This money was to fill the storehouses of God,to feed the poor and hungary.It seems it goes to build giant mega churches,and pay church staff.The early church assemblies were private hoes,tents,or tabernacles.The Holy Spirit does not dwell in buildings made with hands.Know ye not,that your body is the Temple of The Holy Ghost?As to who Israel is.I believe for their sins.God scattered them,and overthrew their seed among the Heathen.Which they have not repented for to this very day.Daniel 9 and Psalm 106 KJV.They intermixed with the nations around them.No one race is likely Israel.It is about seed not color or race.Though many likely have more Hebrew DNA than others.Even if you don`t,gentiles can be grafted in.Who is Israel?Isaiah 51 KJV.Among them are likely many of the homeless in every nation.The prison population,the orphans.Where is the church?

Parents Reply
  • If you have not seen the videos on youtube,where they found the locations of Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah`s Ark,I suggest you watch them,for your own sake.I also suggest you pray Deuternomy 33 and Solomon`s prayer and Daniel`s prayer in daniel 9,and Lamentations 5 KJV.
  • Psalm 83 KJV.All these nations in Psalm 83 KJV are coming against real Israel,and gentiles that follow Jesus,or perhaps anyone that poses a threat to Satan`s Kingdom.All these low functioning autistics,are likely of the lost tribes.Those so called aspbergers are really witches and warlocks using magic to attain there so called giftedness,and they oppress people with it.Read the book of Acts,cause autism does not even really exist.Bunch of unclean spirits inhabiting our kids from the sins of the Fathers,and generational curses coming down on them.When The Hebrews followedtheir God,their was no sick and feeble or mentally disabled among them.None.A nation full of men that cannot be men,is at risk for being takin down.BUT,of course this nations was set up to be taken down from the beginning,by our own Freemason Founding Fathers,and those today are working hard to carry it out.Jeremiah 51KJV.