Isaiah 1 KJV

One of my favorite verses in the bible.I hope you read it.I pray for the eyes and ears and understanding of God`s people,to be opened and I pray this,in the mighty name of Jesus.

  • Very good video,Snakes in the grass-Satan`s legions.
  • For anyone who watches the above video,or even if you don`t,and want to know what to to,if the foundations of God`s people,or Israel,are broken down,the bible asks,what can the righteous do?Spiritual warfare,intercessory prayer.Here are some prayers to specifically pray againt this.I got many of these prayers right out of the book Prayer Rain by Daniel Olukoya.I do not recommend the prayers that return evil for evil,but many good prayers in this book.Lets the foundations of the life`s of all of God`s people,be repaired,to carry divine prosperity,in the name of Jesus.I include my self,my kids and grandkids.Father,I pray,you destroy satanic foundations and build your people,on your word,in the name of Jesus.Father,I pray you repair any damages done to the spirits of your people,by satanic agents in the name of Jesus.Father I pray you begin to carry out a deep work in the hearts of your people,or the entire House of Israel in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke every spirit of sorcery that would deceive the entire house of Israel,in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke any bewitchment that would keep the entire house of Israel,from obeying the truth,in the name of Jesus,Bind spirits of hate,anger,rage,bitterness,unforgiveness,violence,murder and antichrist,in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke all spirits of witchcraft,sorcery,divination,and the occult,in the name of Jesus.Ibind and rebuke all antichrist spirits in the name of Jesus.
  • I stand in the gap,and make up the hedge for the entire House of Israel,in the name of Jesus.Ezekial 22;30 KJV
  • Again,other spiritual warfare prayers I use come from the book Prayers to Route Demons by John Echardt.Becoming A Prayer Warrior by Elizabeth alves,the Psalms in the KJV.Deuteronomy 33 KJV,
  • Another good sight for Prayers I found deliverance spirit.Look up this word python in hebrew and greek.Many likely have this spirit.Google prayers against the python spirit.
  • Watching a good video on spirits and curses that affect your weight.She talks about a lot more than that,though.Dr Pat and DR Sabrina.
  • Psalm 141 KJV.Also,see the video Star Marine demon city under the sea.
  • Zephaniah 2 and Zephaniah 3 KJV.More of my favorite verses.
  • Jeremiah 51 KJV.Specifically Jer. 51;20-23 KJV.God chooses to use people to work through.It`s real Israel,who is his battle axe.The true followers of Jesus Christ.Jew or gentile.I pray for those people,to learn,and understand,the power in the spoken out loud word of God,when spoken through the mouth of a true follower of Jesus Christ.In Jesus` mighty name.Those people have the power to change the course of history.Many do not know,their own power.The out pouring of the Holy Spirit is coming.Every knee will bow,every tongue will confess,Jesus Christ,is Lord.The Lord REIGNETH.If you Love the Lord,pray for the eye and ears and hearts and minds of God`s people to be opened,in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • If you love Jesus Christ,pray for the hedges in the lives of God`s people,to be restored in the name of Jesus.Stand in the gap for ALL of God`s true people in the name of Jesus.Let every breach of the House of Israel,be stopped in the name of Jesus.If your hedges are broken down,the serpent can bite you.Pray for your own hedges to be restored in the name of Jesus.THis includes repentance,learn to break off generational curses,cause this gives the enemy legal ground to mess with you,attack you.Put on the full armor of God,Ephesians 6 KJV.Soak your mind,will,emotions,spirit,suls,body in the blood of Jesus.Soak your home,windows,door posts,pets,possessions,electronics,your kids,in the blood of Jesus.Not necessarliy in that order.Just include your kids,and your pets,cause demons can go into animals.
  • Pray for the eyes of Israel to be enlightened in the name of Jesus.Pray for the Father to open the eyes,ears,hearts and minds of the entire House of Israel,and those mixed with the House of Israel,to their own spiritual condition,in the name of Jesus.Except for a remnant,Israel is blind.
  • Read the whole chapter of Romans 11 or even the whole book of Romans for how blind Israel is.