The Tribe of Judah and also all the tribes of Israel

I don`t think the truth about the tribe of Judah and Israel is being taught in the churches.First,off,Judah married a Canaanite women.He had 3 sons with her.God had told jis people,not to give their sons and daughters into marriage with the Canaanites.Their bloodline was corrupted.God killed Judah`s 2 oldest sons.Tamar,the Hebrew wife of his oldest son,was given to Judah`s 2nd son to wife,after his oldest was killed by God.God killed Judah`s 2nd oldest sons.Judah was afraid to give his third son,to Tamar to wed.Judah told her,when the boy was old enough to marry he would give him to her for marriage.He did not do it.Tamar dresses up a a whore,and Judah has relations with her.She gives birth to twin son`s.They were not married at conception.Judah later marries her,but never touches her again.THis verse about a *** will not enter the congregation of the Lord,even up to the 10th generation.I believe that word should be mamzer,I think,it is splled,and I think it means,one of mixed blood.Or one tainted with the blood of the fallen ones.The royal line of Judah,his only son`s of Hebrew stock were bastards.The Christ came through this line.Judah`s third son,Sheila with his Canannite wife,has like 6 sons.If you google Judah or Sheila Judah it will list the names of Sheila Judah`s sons.I think chronicles 1 or 2 also lists them.There are 2 lines of Judah.One of the priomise,or pure line,and one of the corrupted seed.I don`t think the churches,even consider all the other tribes of Israel,or they call them all Jews,and they are not.Only those born of Judah`s line are Jews.Jacob Israel has 12 sons,that made up ALL the House of Israel.Israel was split into 2 KIngdoms,The southern KIngdom,was Judah and Benjamin.The other tribes made up the Northern KIngdom of Israel.LIkely,all the tribes are mixed with the other nations and perhaps with tainted bloodlines in the last days.The book The Book of Gad The Seer even says this.Many of the Patriarchs married Canannite women,

  • Revelation 2;9 and 3;9 KJV.The churches,all support them.
  • el in the last days,are the followers of Jesus Christ.That is who The Most High God considers to be Israel.Jew or gentile,makes no difference.
  • Regarding the tribe of Dan and Ephraim,for that matter.They are both missing from the 144,000 sealed in the last days,of the Tribes of Israel.Dan mixed with the serpent.Likely a daughter of Sheila Judah or another Canannite daughter.Ephriam mixed with the nations and The majority of Ephraim does not serve the real God.Though Ephraim can still get in under the tribe of Joseph.Reubin the first born son of Jacob,should have had the Birthright blessing.He lost it,when he slept with his Father`s concubine.Bilhah,which is also the mother of some of his Brothers.The blessing wassplit between Levi,Judah and Joseph.Levi got the priest hood.Judah was the lawgiver and the royal line,and the Christ would come through him.Jospeh got the material wealth part of the blessing.Jacob adopted Jospeh`s sons,and made them,as his first born.I believe the Sceptor and the Birthright get back together,when the tribe of Pharez Judah and Jospeh`s line intermarry.See the book Judah`s Sceptor and Jospeh`s Birthright by John Harden Allen.SOme verses about Dan Jeremiah 8;16 KJV.I beleive,this is the Norman/Viking invasion of Europe,cause God`s people,did not follow their God,he allowed their enemies to take them down.They intermarried with the other lost tribes.Psalm 116;16.I beleive Dan,at least is the USA,is mixed with the other tribes of Israel.This is likely Dan`s ticket to salvation.I cannot say about other regions where Dan is located,I think Denmark,Sweden and LOndon are a few of these places.Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord can be saved.
  • interesting website I found Danes and Jutes Dan and Judah-Dan.I just stated checking it out,so no comments yet,although,I pretty much already came to the conclusion,USA is Largely these 2 tribes.They are scattered,but many are here.
  • Mark 3;6 KJV.The Pharisees and the Herodians were tight.Google the Herodians and the Hellinistic Jews.
  • Psalm 137 KJV For the Captives in Babylon.Tell me how,the Jews can be captives in Babylon,if they have returned to Israel?Answer,they have not returned.Real Isreal is still captives in Babylon.Untill they REPENT and ACKNOWLEDGE their sins.Daniel 9 and Psalm 106 KJV.Lamentations 5 KJV.
  • Zechariah 2;7 KJV.Deliver Thyself O` Zion,which dwellist with the daughter of Babylon.
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