Some i`m going to check out are by E. Michael Jones.I have read many books by Dave Hunt,Derek Prince,John Echardt.Bill Schnobelen.I have many by Win Worley,also,the dead sea scrolls.E.Michael Jones,something tells me,this guy is the missing piece of the puzzle,and his books,about what is really going on,and whom they wish to really wipe off the face of the earth.

  • A couple of other good books,The Holy War For Constantinople by Roger Crosly and God`s Executioner by Micahel Siochru.The Famine Ships The Irish Exodus to America by Edward Laxton.
  • I have this very cool book,called The Book of Tephi by John Goodchild.Is written in Irish ryme or verse.It is about,Jeremiah bringing KIng Zedekiah`s daughter to Ireland.In the time that Jerusalem was destroyed,the KIng ob Babylon killed all KIng Zedekiah`s sons,thinking he wiped out the royal line of Judah.God told Jeremiah to replant.He replanted KIng Zedekiah`s daughter in Ireland.Queen of Tar and Gibralter.If you look up the word Tara if hebrew in the strongs concordance of the bible,it means gatekeeper.Many have tried to pass her off as the queen of Scots,and daughter of Pharoah,Phariah had wanted to adopt her,BUT,she was not his daughter.She was the daughter of King Zedekiah of Jerusalem.USA is end times jerUSAlem.Many will deny the truth,and the truth,will set you free.May also get you killed.
  • Isaiah 37;31 about the remnant of Judah.
  • New books I have ordered.Not received yet,Seafarers,Merchants and Pirates in The middle Ages by Dirk Meier.The Gallic War by Julius Caesar.Interesting history books,I hope.
  • Book I got in the mail yesterday.The Jewish Timeline Enclyopedia by Mattis Kantor.
  • Your comment "The Jewish New Testament and also the fake newer bibles imply that Satan is god,or Jesus is Satan...." is a lie.
    I don't know if you are making this stuff up yourself, if you are deranged and rambling, or if you have fallen under some false teaching, but Satan is not God and Jesus is not Satan, and the Bible does not say that He is. Stop spreading confusion and misinformation. You don't have to believe in God or God's word (the Bible) if you don't want to, but stop misrepresenting what the Bible actually says.
  • I suggest this video on the youtube about fake bible versions.They do change verses,or remove key verses.I say,check out videos about it,cause it tells you exactly which ones.No it is not a lie.They do say this.
  • Or videos about New world order bibles versions.All christian publishers have sold out to the New World Order.Even The KIng James is published by Zondervan Publishing.
  • The NIV bible publishers also publish the Satanic bible.Anyone can research this themself.ALL christian publishers have sold out to the NWO.Even the puplishers of the KJV.
  • Some verse said to be ommitted from the NIV bible,Mattthew 17;21,Matt 18;11,Matt 23;14,Mark 7;16,Mark 9;44 and 9;46 mark 11;26,Luke 17;36 and this does not include verses that have their meaning changed.People need to resreach this for themself.
  • Dear A.Momma. You may have seen a YouTube video that told you what the Bible said. Maybe they even quoted some verses out of context or changed them for the video. I guess my question is why don't you read the Bible to find out what the Bible says?

    You see, I have - read the Bible, that is. All of it, multiple times in primarily the NKJV (but also some in the MSG, the NASB, the TLB, the NIV, and the CJB, and even a little in the OJB (though the Yiddish expressions in the OJB are unintelligible to me)) and frankly, the NKJV does not say any of that, and neither do any of the other translations I've read. It truly sounds to me like you are receiving inaccurate information from sources that either do not understand or for their own reasons misconstrue things and you are believing it and passing it a long.

    Please be aware that using YouTube as a source is risky. On the one hand anyone can post a video about whatever they want. And, on the other hand..... anyone can post a video about whatever they want. I usually take whatever I see there with a huge grain of salt, and consider it opinion speech that is only possibly well meant, rather than necessarily fact.

    So, the YouTube video you watched might say that, but my Bible actually doesn't.

    May God bless you.
  • YOu see,I have many astral projecting themself over here to shut me up,and when that doesn`t work,they come as crows.The churches are silent on teaching people to protect themself from witchcraft.They are mostly silent on what happened in Genesis 6.People can check this stuff out for themself,and make up their own mind.If you truly love Jesus,pray for disernment.The bible says,many false teachers will rise up and if possible,deceive the very elect.Pray for more knowledge than you currently have.Pray these things,in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Why do they come to try and shut me up?I speak truth,that Satan and his agents don`t want known.They get angry.Their demons manifest.
  • The Christian Church bears no fruit.Most people that claim to be christians bare no fruit.Even Satan reads the bible.
  • Genun-Jubal-musical worshio-Book of Adam and Eve.I had read all or part of the book of Adam and Eve before.I had this book of missing books of the bible.Not saying all the writings in these books are true.I do believe Satan was the angel of music in Heaven,and he is the angel of music down here,too.I also believe Cain`s line invented many musical instruments.I also believe certain cords of music summon demons(drums) for one.You see many nations like the indains and in africa use drums.They summon demons with them.This,Rock and Roll music,which i grew up listening too,and very much a fan of many groups,has America`s youth,Hook,line and sinker,and of course Rap or Hip Hop.Even so called christian music is largely rock and roll now.I went from listening to rock and roll,to christian rock,before,I realized,what was going on.That song,done by Bet Midler in that Halloween movie,I put a spell on you,and now,your mine.Yup,sure are.If that doesn`t convince you,the bible says,make a joyful noise to the Lord,and google this verse,in the KJV,and see what instruments it says,to use,Drums is not there,
  • Other Books I have read By Howard B.Rand Study In Hosea,Study in Jeremiah,Study In Daniel,I have not read that ine,yet,But I have read the ones on Hosea and Jeremiah,I liked both of them.He has one on Study in Revelation,I had wanted to get,but was a lot of money.Now,I see it cheap on Amazon,so I went ahead and ordered it.
  • Hoping to have more time to read again,after school starts.
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