Some i`m going to check out are by E. Michael Jones.I have read many books by Dave Hunt,Derek Prince,John Echardt.Bill Schnobelen.I have many by Win Worley,also,the dead sea scrolls.E.Michael Jones,something tells me,this guy is the missing piece of the puzzle,and his books,about what is really going on,and whom they wish to really wipe off the face of the earth.

  • A couple of other good books,The Holy War For Constantinople by Roger Crosly and God`s Executioner by Micahel Siochru.The Famine Ships The Irish Exodus to America by Edward Laxton.
  • I have this very cool book,called The Book of Tephi by John Goodchild.Is written in Irish ryme or verse.It is about,Jeremiah bringing KIng Zedekiah`s daughter to Ireland.In the time that Jerusalem was destroyed,the KIng ob Babylon killed all KIng Zedekiah`s sons,thinking he wiped out the royal line of Judah.God told Jeremiah to replant.He replanted KIng Zedekiah`s daughter in Ireland.Queen of Tar and Gibralter.If you look up the word Tara if hebrew in the strongs concordance of the bible,it means gatekeeper.Many have tried to pass her off as the queen of Scots,and daughter of Pharoah,Phariah had wanted to adopt her,BUT,she was not his daughter.She was the daughter of King Zedekiah of Jerusalem.USA is end times jerUSAlem.Many will deny the truth,and the truth,will set you free.May also get you killed.
  • Hi A.Momma. I hear you, but that didn't happen.

    Here's what the Bible says. You see after those who were left behind and not taken to captivity rebelled against and killed the governor they the king had left in the land they became afraid and forced Jeremiah to go with them to Egypt where they all died - either of old age or when Egypt was overthrown (which happened within just a short time). So you can read all the books you want, but beware when you read one that contradicts the Bible.
  • King Zedekiah had 1 or 2 daughters.The KIng of Babylon killed all King Zedekiah`s sons,thinking he wiped out the royal line of Judah.God told Jeremiah to replent.He replanted at least one daughter Tephi in Ireland.Now,if you look up the word Tephi in the Jewish Encylopedia,it says that.Her Son Fergus More was King of Ireland,SInce they did not follow God`s laws and kept continuing in their sins,he scattered them,let their enemies enslave them.Look up the Catholic church in the Jewish Encylopedia,it says,it was the first assembly.
  • People can deny the truth all they like,but God is defending his true church in this day.He will avenge his people.Lamentations 5 kjv.
  • Isaiah 51;20 KJV Lamentations 5 KJV.The fake churches,have no power,nor do the powers of evil have any power over the true church.
  • All the Glory to Jesus,who gives ALL POWER and AUTHORITY to his real people,over ALL the powers of darkness.They have been ept igneorant of this.That and the real bibles were replaced with fake NWO bibles by the Protestant Refomers.They took the deliverance ministry right OUT of the church,they were 33 degree Freemasons.Most people sitting in the fake 501c3 churches,pretenting to be christians are Freemasons/Satanists/warlocks.Many women are Ladies of the Eastern Star/witches,casting spells on real christians.
  • God is soon going to raise up the oppressed.The orphhans,likely many low functioning ASD Kids,and the homeless,and take down their oppressors.
  • Another book to check out is Judah`s Sceptor and Joseph`s Birthright by John Harden Allen.Also,see Jack Flaws videos on the lost tribes of Israel.Enter the Norman/Viking invasion of Europe,cause God`s people,did NOT,follow their God,and they still don`t.The majority.Only a small remnant follow the real Jesus.There is a spirit of a fake jesus in the fake 501c3 churches.
  • The Jewish New Testament and also the fake newer bibles imply that Satan is god,or Jesus is Satan,They will all find out,their gods can`t save them.
  • Zechariah 2;7 KJv Deliver Thyself O Zion ,which dwellist with the daughter of Babylon.God will save his people out of Babylon,and the rest will fry.I do pray for Israel,to come to the knowledge of the truth,before it`s to late.REPENT,before it is to late.Many will be wishing for the rocks and buildings to fall on them,to hide them,from the WRATH of ALL MIGHTY GOD.
  • Another Good book The Shinar Directive by Michael Lake.Finding I just don`t have as much time to read books.I read this one 1 or 2 years ago.Many that have have I already read.The newer ones,I don`t have as much time,as I used to.I will go to youtube videos to get a shorter and quicker version of events.Videos by Suibhne for quick versions of Nations Histories.Now,this book of Tephi I have,I had bought several years ago.I was new at reading the bible,I did not know who the nations were in relation to their newer names.Plus,the book is written in verse,making it more difficult to disern if the book is true.I do believe there are truths in there.Are they making Tephi out to be the Queen of Ireland or the daughter of Pharoah?Associating the crestant moon and star with her,as the book goes on,so,you know that cresant moon and star is satanic.However,I think you can pick up clues to who nations are today,from their biblical names.Pray for disernment,always,in the name of Jesus.
  • Isaiah 37;31 about the remnant of Judah.
  • New books I have ordered.Not received yet,Seafarers,Merchants and Pirates in The middle Ages by Dirk Meier.The Gallic War by Julius Caesar.Interesting history books,I hope.