Mass shootings in America

I do fucus on the mass shootings in America.Christians are the only ones with power to stop them.The trouble is,many do not know the power they have.Also,many are so oppressed they can`t fight.Too few real christians.Murder is a demonic spirit.A christian can bind this spirit in the name of Jesus.Soak our schools in the blood of Jesus.Soak the windows and door posts in the blood of Jesus.Draw the blood line of Jesus around the schools yards,college capuses,and day care centers,anyplace your loved ones will be,and others.I loose confusion on Satan`s demons and command them to fight each other in the name of Jesus.YOu know,witches are behind casting spells on people,and mind control,to get people to be mass shooters.TRUTH.To get the guns,to cause another Nazi Germany,and the fake Jews are in on it.

  • Matthew 16;19 KJV.I give you the keys to the kingdom.Whatever you bind in Heaven,will be bond on earth.BInd the spirits of hate,anger,murder,rage,depression,suiside,schizopherenia,mind control,confusion,drugs,alcohol,all these drug related deaths,to.There are demon spirits behind them.They are going for the real lost tribes of Israel,or those who follow Jesus Christ.Psalm 83 KJV.
  • I tell you Peter,On this rock,I will build my church and the gates of Hell,can`t prevail against it.That is only for the remnant at the moment.If everyone that claimed to be christian,was,we would not have all these shootings and drug over doses going on,here.
  • Another reason for these shootings,Satan and his demons get more power from Human blood sacrafices.I nullify the power of any sacrafices made to devils in my city region and nation,in the name of Jesus.WHY,do so many adults like to have sex with babies and children?Satan and his demons,also get more power from perverted sex,and sex with children.They have demons of sexual perversion,and lust,bind those spirits in the name of Jesus.
  • Some prayers for America.I cut the acts of violence out of the hands of the wicked,in the name of Jesus.Let the assemblies of violent men and violent women be exposed and cut off,in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke all demons of Jihad,in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke all religious terrorists in the name of Jesus.I bind all spirits of hatred of America and hatred of Israel,in the name of Jesus.Let violence be no more in my borders in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke all spirits of witchcraft,sorcery,divination and the occult,in the name of Jesus.
  • Good book Becoming a Prayer Warrior by Elizabeth Alves.The story of Gideon,God tells him 2 times to reduce his army,he has to many.He defeated a very large army,with a very small army,because he obeyed God.It will only take a small army of real praying christians,to bring a revival and deal a massive blow to Satan`s army.
  • Let the prisoners be loosed in the name of Jesus(Souls in prison).Loose those appointed to death in the name of Jesus.
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