Mass shootings in America

I do fucus on the mass shootings in America.Christians are the only ones with power to stop them.The trouble is,many do not know the power they have.Also,many are so oppressed they can`t fight.Too few real christians.Murder is a demonic spirit.A christian can bind this spirit in the name of Jesus.Soak our schools in the blood of Jesus.Soak the windows and door posts in the blood of Jesus.Draw the blood line of Jesus around the schools yards,college capuses,and day care centers,anyplace your loved ones will be,and others.I loose confusion on Satan`s demons and command them to fight each other in the name of Jesus.YOu know,witches are behind casting spells on people,and mind control,to get people to be mass shooters.TRUTH.To get the guns,to cause another Nazi Germany,and the fake Jews are in on it.

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